Nomad S-307 Cigar Review

As I sit here on the lawn bench at my sister-in-laws house, I relax after a long relaxing weekend on Long Island. I decided to end my trip with one of Fred Rewey’s Nomad cigars the S-307. This is a beautifully constructed box pressed Sumatra wrapped torpedo.

The wrapper is a velvety chestnut-brown with a woody and hay scent on the foot. Clipping the head I take a few dry draws and  detect notes of chocolate and pepper. The Nomad S-307 is sizing up to be a flavor sensation.

Before I get into the review I should note that the name S-307 signifies two important statements. The “S” represents that the cigar is wrapped with a Ecuadorian  Sumatra  leaf. The “307” is the approximate area of Esteli Nicaragua in square miles. The S-307 is manufactured in Esteli. In addition to the Ecuadorian Sumatra wrapper, the S-307 has an Ecuadorian Habano binder and a Nicaraguan filler. As I said, the construction and early flavor notes are telling me this will be a delicious stogie to end my long weekend.

As I fire it up I get some immediate pepper in the retro hale which opens up my scent. I detect a waft of sweet chocolate coming off the foot. The draw is easy and the smoke is full and flavorful. As it burns I got a hint of vanilla bean after about an inch or so into it. There is also a gentle sweetness balanced with the pepper.

The burn is perfect and the early ash held on for almost 2 inches and was nice dark grey in color and tight. It did develop a gentle bend before it fell but that is fine.


As the S-307 approaches the half way point, there are floral notes showing up with continued flavors of chocolate and pepper all perfectly balanced. It is clean on the palate with no after taste.

The darkness begins to set in on the evening and this cigar has given me a delightful moment of solitude in the cool Long Island night. The ash picks up again and holds for another run and maintains two more inches.

As the final third begins, the floral notes are more prominent and a back drop of nuts are coming through while the chocolate fades.


‎The finish is just as tasty as the start and the subtle changes throughout the smoke were welcome. There was no issue with the burn and the ash was strong.
Nomad S-307

Nomad S-307

Nice work Fred and the Nomad team. I’ll have another one of these. Now it’s time to finish watching the Miami Canes game.

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