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Do you Agree with the US Allowing Cuban Cigars?

You have all heard the news by now. The US is allowing travelers abroad, to return to the US with Cuban cigars, regardless of where you purchased them. You no longer have to sneak them in and you can bring in up to 100, duty free, as long as the value is less than $800.00. Read more about Do you Agree with the US Allowing Cuban Cigars?[…]

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What is your cigar knowledge?

[os-widget path=”/bostonjimmie/how-much-do-you-know-about-cigars” of=”bostonjimmie”] Cigars – we smoke them, talk about them, have our favorites.and bond over them. But, what do you know about them? Here is a little quiz to test your knowledge about cigars and cigar manufacturing. Sponsored By:

Box Pressed Cigars or Round?

[socialpoll id=”2352031″] Box pressed cigars have been on the market for a long time. In fact the Cubans created them a long time ago to save shipping space. They would press the cigars into the box creating the more square shape. This resulted in a slightly smaller box saving on material.  It is believed that this Read more about Box Pressed Cigars or Round?[…]

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Cigar Prices – How much do you spend on a cigar?

Cigar Prices We have seen the price of our favorite cigars increase in price over the last few years. Many seem to be testing the arbitrary $10.00 price point, set by the FDA in their deeming regulations that have yet to be passed. Cigar Prices have also increased do to local and state taxes and of Read more about Cigar Prices – How much do you spend on a cigar?[…]

Where is Your Favorite Smoking Place?

We all enjoy our cigars, but where is your favorite place to smoke one? I know I built the Stogie Press Lounge in my garage so I can relax in the comfort of my homestead to enjoy the pleasures of the leaf. It is meeting place for friends and fellow lovers of the leaf where Read more about Where is Your Favorite Smoking Place?[…]

What is your favorite vitola?

Cigars, simply put are rolled leaf, but the resulting shape and sizes of this rolled leaf has many variations. Just like our desires for particular flavor notes we also have particular vitolas we prefer over others. We thought it would be interesting to take a poll as to what your favorite vitola is. In the Read more about What is your favorite vitola?[…]