June 9, 2014

Rocky Patel



Rocky Patel Edge Sumatra Toro

I have been smoking and reviewing some fine cigars these past few weeks and I would be remiss if I did not give a shout out to Rocky Patel and his Edge cigars. I was in Total Wine and More in Avenues in Viera FL this afternoon filling my liquor cabinet and wine rack. Before I left, I stopped into their humidor and picked up a handful of one of my favorite $6.00 sticks. The Rocky Patel Edge Sumatra Toro.

When I got home I settled down into Jimmie’s Gar Cave and paired this Edge up with a new bottle of Shieldaig Speyside 18 year old single malt and cued up some Aerosmith Rocks vinyl. It was time to get back to basics.

The Edge always burns perfect and is considered a full body cigar. It is rich in smoke and flavor. It starts with just a sweet tobacco taste and wonderful light grey ash. As it burns the sweetness continues and it pairs very well with the Speyside. Burning perfectly, the cigar is strong and delightful. I suggest having a meal before smoking this one. I have received many compliments on the aroma also. Never got an offensive comment on it. The tobacco sweetness endures all the way into the final third but with some hint of woody flavor. It finishes off just as it started – delightful.

The Edge is not a complex cigar but I would call this a real mans cigar. Full Body, rich in smoke, woody and sweet all the way through. Rocky always has great cigars priced right for the cigar enthusiasts.

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