June 9, 2014

Room 101



Room 101 – OSOK

As I continue my adventure in frigid Michigan, I am happy to have a great local shop – Don Yeyo Cigars, here in Dearborn Michigan. This past saturday I attended an Asylum and Room 101 cigar event. I was introduced to the OSOK line from Room 101. For those that don’t know, OSOK is an acronym for One Shot One Kill. The founder/owner of Room 101, Matt Booth, creates more than cigars, he has a complete line of jewelry, apparel, and cigar accessories and he has quite an interesting website too. I selected the Trucha vitola to start my day. The Trucha is a 6.5 x 50 Salamon with a beautiful Ecuadorian Habano leaf wrapping a Honduran binder and long Dominican/Honduran filler.

Although the pre-light draw did not offer much flavor, it did have a decent draw. As I torched up the OSOK, the smoke was immediately rich, creamy, and full. There was a hint of wood and leather for sure at the start which led into coffee and maybe a touch of cocoa. As it burned, there was a sutle wave of fruit detected through the burn. There was a not an overbearing amount of spice and that was ok with me as I have been smoking some spicy cigars lately.


As you will see the burn was consistent throughout, all the way to the nub. As the undisputed ash king if the Space Coast and working on that here in Michigan, I save the best for last. The OSOK burned perfectly, from foot to nub, even with the unwrapped end of the foot. Matt and the gang at Room 101 – you have a winner in my book.

This was an amazingly enjoyable cigar and I need to pick up a few more to really appreciate what I was tasting for the hour plus experience I had. The blend in this cigar was excellent.

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