Guest Cigar Review: Room 101 Ltd Conjura

Review by: Sascha  Illyvich

I’d stopped off at Atlanta’s Hartsfield Jackson Airport on a layover to Dallas and made sure to pack cigars with me for the second leg of my two week trip.  One of them I had grabbed was the Room 101 Ltd Conjura (Conspiracy in Spanish) , which surprised me quite a lot.

I’ve been a fan of Matt Booth’s since trying the Namakubi line two years back in a shop in Fremont, California but this little gem hit m e with a myriad of flavors.  Sweet, chocolate, cocoa,  those things are things I’m pretty much primed for.  If you’ve read my earlier reviews relating to Don Cervantes by ACC Cigars, you know I’m a big fan of that flavor profile.

The Room 101 Ltd Conjura (4 3/4 X 50) was no different.  Delivering full flavor in a small package, the cigar produced copious amounts of smoke and a sweeter room note than most of what I normally smoke these days.  The Honduran rosado wrapper was a pleasant surprise, as normally rosado wrappers tend to remind me of cotton candy. This one didn’t. The flavor was more intense, with the spices being lighter than I’m used to, but still present.

A medium finish and smoking time of about an hour gave me that relaxed feeling as I was able to board my plane to Dallas.  I’d mention burn and draw issues but I have to admit, presently, those might be my fault currently, though when I did light the cigar up, it burned evenly.

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