A. Flores 1975 Gran Reserva Desflorada

2016 Top Connecticut Cigars –

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE January 15, 2017 Once again, Stogie Press brings you our pick of the top Connecticut cigars for the past year. We created this category because Connecticut wrapped cigars don’t always get the recognition they deserve. Although many think these blonde beauties are mild compared to their darker brethren, that is not always the Read more about 2016 Top Connecticut Cigars –[…]

Sensado Shanghai

Sensado Shanghai Rough Cut Cigar Review

I loved visiting Shanghai on business. I have been there numerous times, staying in hotels in both the new (Pudong) and old (Puxi) sections of the city. It is a vibrant city that has everything you expect from a major world city. This year a new cigar brand, Sensado Cigars, introduced their first line known Read more about Sensado Shanghai Rough Cut Cigar Review[…]

Sensada Cigars New York

Sensado Cigars New York – Rough Cut Cigar Review

Today we bring you another visit to the City Series of Sensado Cigars. This time we take a little trip to New York. I may be known as Boston Jimmie but I was born and raised for 20 years in and around New York City. I was a young adult during the late 1970’s and Read more about Sensado Cigars New York – Rough Cut Cigar Review[…]

Sensado Cigars Rome

Sensado Roma Torpedo Rough Cut Cigar Review

  Sensado Cigars, a brand you may not be familiar with and one I cam across at the 2016 IPCPR. I met Dave McMullen at the show and spent time with him learning about his brand and cigars. Sensado currently has 4 blends in their introductory lineup known as the “City” series; Roma, New York, Read more about Sensado Roma Torpedo Rough Cut Cigar Review[…]