Last Weeks Social Media News and Questions – May 11, 2018

This is the first of a weekly series where each Friday, Boston Jimmie from  Stogie Press will post new worthy discussions that he has scraped from a weeks worth of posts across cigars groups on Social Media channels. This week we check out

  • The Wild Fire Cigar Society
  • Veritas and Atomic Cigars
  • Steve Saka in the Mulling Room
  • What really is a Maduro Leaf
  • Cubariqueño Cigar Co – 3 Year Anniversary
  • Irv CigarBroker – Are Cigars a Vice
  • Interesting Questions of the week

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Wild Fire Cigar Society

Depending on who you follow on Instagram, you may have gotten a buzzing phone this past week as the Wild Fire Cigar Society celebrated their 2nd anniversary this past week at Silver Leaf Cigar Lounge in Fort Worth,  Texas.

These group of lady smokers is one of many growing female cigar groups around the country, a demographic that should not be overlooked if you want to sell more cigars. The group is based out of Texas and you can join or visit it by searching on  #WildFireSociety in Instagram or Facebook.  Look carefully and you may recognize a few of the woman in the photos.

The ladies have a website – – in the works and will have it up soon.

@VeritasCigars acquired @AtomicCigars

Jason Marks from Atomic Cigars announced this week on Instgram:

“… @veritascigars has acquired @atomiccigars…Atomic Cigars will now have National Distribution and be featured at the Veritas IPCPR Booth 625 in Vegas… Yuge thank you to Chris Weber for helping to expand the Atomic Brand… I (Jason Marks) will be staying on as creative director and cigar roller! 

Looking forward to meeting new #friends and making new #memories

Veritas Cigars Chris Weber announced earlier in the year that he parted ways with James Brown from BLK WKS and has opened his own factory in Esteli, Nicaragua known as Nuevo Nica. 

Steve Saka

Steve is an active member of social media who likes to ask provocative questions to his fan base. This week though, he posted a simple picture of himself in the mulling room checking out a new experimental Nicaraguan Connecticut Leaf.

You can learn a lot about the art and craft of cigars if you follow Steve. He and his followers always offer respectful commentary to questions. In this particular thread, Steve explains to a follower:

“mulling is a method used to complete the first fermentation – the standard process for CT Shade, but also commonly used for Cuban Seed.”

He also explained that this leaf experimental and is “the third crop cycle – each an improvement over the last – at least 120 days from knowing what we really have.” Well Steve, we are all waiting over the next 4 months to see what develops.

Cigar Cartel

This cigar group is the largest on Facebook and you can see plenty of cigar selfies but also learn a lot if you follow the conversations. This past week Tony Tbone Trombetta, one of the groups many members, posted a question:

“So this may be a stupid question but a Maduro leaf is that different from say a broadleaf wrapper or is Maduro just a term for dark shade which I guess would be a broadleaf lol”

Now there are no stupid questions in the Brother and Sisterhood of the Leaf, as we are always learning, Even the most renowned names in the industry will tell you that. The question got plenty of comments including:

John Iaquinta Maduro means that the leaf is more ripened. Like a jalapeno turning red if allowed to ripen beyond the standard green. Develops sweetness similarly as well. At least that’s how I understand it.

Kj Norbury Maduro is a process where a tobacco leaf is fermented longer and at higher temperatures to release more of natural oils and minerals witch makes the wrapper darker. Depending on the leaf witch it used it can get a variety of effects from it.

Phil Henderson If you ever have a maduro wrapper that stains your fingers or lips, you know it was dyed because the producer ran out or couldn’t get the wrappers from their supplier. I remember that happening about 10 years ago with some Black Pearl cigars. That was when I stopped smoking them.

Michael Self Typically maduro leaf has been aged to allow their natural oils flavor the leaf adding earthy tones to the smoke. The maduro process doesn’t necessarily add more “strength” … just flavor.

There seems to be three primary color groups for tobacco leads that go through the aging process:
1) Dark Brown (Colorado Maduro) will be an amazing full-bodied flavor. These leaves are usually ripened by the sun.

2) Very dark brown (Maduro ) Typically very dark and “full-bodied wrappers.

3) Black wrappers (Oscuro) – You may find these on cigars that are referred to as a double Maduro such as the CAO MX2.

You get the idea, there is more than news and selfies on social media. There is plenty of cigar educational topics. 

Cubariqueño Cigar Co.

You know this company as the makers of the Protocol cigars, a nod to Law Enforcement as the two faces behind this brand Juan Cancel and Bill  Ives have been long time law enforcement officers. This week in the Fat Ash Cigar group on Facebook, they announced their upcoming 3 year anniversary party that will be held this Saturday May 11 at the Clinton, NJ Holiday Inn.

Even more fun, they compiled a very cool video that highlighted their 3 year journey. If you know these guys you know they love to have fun and the video certainly does not disappoint.  Bill  Ives introduced the video which is up on the Fat Ash Cigar Group

“Here it is! 3 Years of cigars and laughs. Cubariqueño Cigar Co. highlight video of some shows we have done & some good laughter. It’s been an amazing ride so far. Some said it wouldn’t last a year. Here we are about to start our 4th year! Thank you to Erik EspinosaHéctor J. Alfonso Sr., for all the support along the way. Lastly thank you to all of you on social media for the help in creating a company based off of social media. #PowerOfThe🅿Baby!”

Class act gentlemen!

Irv CigarBroker

I am not sure if you follow Irv’s blog, but I enjoy reading his essays and this week he posed a thesis, that is thought provoking, and asked the question – Are cigars a vice?

Interesting Questions

Of course as I scroll through my daily social media groups I find some interesting questions posted for comment. Here are some I found interesting and worthy of discussion.

Jake Wilson to Cigar Cartel asked:

So I know I like a mellow smoke, I just can’t find what i like smoking cigars like I do with pipes. Any suggestions?”

Jimbo Taylor to Cigar Cartel asked: 

“I’m LOVING this group!! What a great way to bring all cigar connoseiuers together!!

But I am curious. One of my favorite things to do while smoking a cigar and one of the most important pairings if I might add is music. I want to know what everyone’s favorite type of music to listen to while enjoying their favorite cigar. Recommendations welcome.”

Aaron Weldon to James Brown/BLTC & BLK WKS commented:

“Good evening all! After spending a week here with James and Angela I’d like to say I will spread the word about the Integrity and decision-making they put into the QUALITY of their products. I say products because of course I mean cigars, however, they put the same passion into their BOXES, shirts, and hats as well. They aren’t begging for us to buy their products. They are giving us an opportunity to buy something that is SUPERIOR in quality and also full of their passion for this industry. They are two of the most humble, wonderful people i know. Short cut isn’t a word spoken or even hinted at in their factory. Extra steps are taken for EVERY SINGLE cigar to ensure a smooth finish and even cleaning each cigar. They do NOT use pesticides. They do not sacrifice…..the integrity is amazing. I’m thankful for the opportunity. Thank you James and Angela!”

Andrei Naidin to Cigars & Whiskey asked

 “So, what do you guys think about those that tell you smoking is gonna kill you the moment they see you smoking or find out you smoke ?”

So  there you have it our first weekly rehash of cigar social media news worthy discussions. Feel free to chime in with comments and don;t forget to tune into Kaplowitz Radio every Monday when Kap will dedicate a 10 minute segment, News Powered by Stogie Press, hashing over the past weeks social media news worthy discussions. Kap will of course have his unique spin on some of these topics so be prepared to ask him questions.

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