1502 Cigars

1502 Cigars Announces European Market Expansion

I do a lot of international travel in my business and have spent many visits to Europe including places like Germany, France, Sweden,  England,  and Belgium. Whenever I was there I would find a local  cigar shop to relax after work. I noticed over the years  the desire for other than Cuban cigars has grown[…]

1502 Blue Sapphire

1502 Blue Sapphire Cigar Review – Proudly Nicaraguan 

It has been a while since I spoke about 1502 cigars and today I would like to present a review of the 1502 Blue Sapphire Cigar. At this years IPCPR I caught up with Enrique Sánchez, owner of Global Premium Cigars and the 1502 brand. Before we get into the review I thought you may[…]

Cigar Industry Talks about FDA Rules

During the 2017 IPCPR I took some time with numerous brand owners to talk about their blends and business in general. One of the questions I asked, was how are they handling the FDA regulations on the cigar industry. It is just about a year (August 8, 2016) since the FDA clamped down on our[…]

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Press Release House of Emilio Becomes ‘Boutiques United’

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE House of Emilio Becomes ‘Boutiques United’ Vineland, NJ (January 18, 2016) – LJ Zucca is proud to announce it’s rebranding from “House of Emilio” to “Boutiques United”. Effective today Boutiques United, which also launched a new website and corresponding social media accounts, will be the name of the cigar distribution entity moving[…]