MBombay Classic Torpedo

MBombay Classic Torpedo Cigar Review – Elegant and Pleasurable

Happy New Year everyone, and with the start of every year comes introductions of new cigar blends and line extensions. This year started early as I recently got some samples of the latest Mel Shah creation – the MBombay Classic Torpedo. As you may have read in the press release, a couple of weeks ago, this[…]

MBombay® Classic Torpedo

Bombay Tobak Introduces the MBombay Classic Torpedo

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE January 9,  2018 Three and half years ago, Mel Shah, created  Tobak/MBOMBABombayY®, a name that would  quickly become synonymous with high-grade, premium cigars. The journey he embarked on began with a single cigar, the MBombay® Classic. That cigar was highly received by consumers and industry alike and it did not take long[…]

MBombay Classic

MBombay Classic Churchill Cigar Review- A Classic is Always in Style!

It seems  like it has been forever, but MBombay Cigars have only been around for 3 years, but what a great 3 years Mel Shah has had. It all started back in 2014,  when this former IT Executive and cigar shop owner decided to lay it all on the line and introduce his first line[…]

MBombay Gaaja Maduro

MBombay Gaaja Maduro Cigar Review – A great sibling!

Mel Shah and MBombay hit a home run last year with the introduction of the Gaaja Ecuador Connecticut desflorado blend. It met with rave reviews across the spectrum. Mel followed up that hit with the maduro variety of the Gaaja which is the subject of today’s review. The bar was set with the original Gaaja and[…]

MBombay Corojo Oscuro

MBombay Corojo Oscuro Robusto Cigar Review

I could spend a paragraph or two talking about and introducing you to MBombay, Bombay Tobak, and Mel Shah, but I think you might already know this information. In the off chance you don’t, and just happened to come upon this review, I am happy to point you to some of the other reviews we[…]

MBombay Gajja

MBombay Gaaja – Rough Cut Cigar Review

Today we offer the Stogie Press Rough Cut cigar review notes on the MBombay Gaaja. I received samples of the Gaaja from Mel Shah, owner of Bombay Tobak/MBombay a little over a week ago so this review is based on fresh samples. In Sanskrit language “Gaja” (Pronounced: guj ), means elephant. According to the Mbombay Press Release: “We[…]

Bombay Tobak Gaaja

Bombay Tobak Announces Gaaja Blend

Bombay Tobak 73-700 Dinah Shore Dr. # 407 Palm Desert CA 92211 (844) 626-6229 puronundi@gmail.com Monday, June 20th, 2016 For Immediate Release Our new brand, Gaaja (Pronounced : Gaa-ya), will be released on July 1st, 2016. In Sanskrit language “Gaja” (Pronounced: guj ), means elephant. We had been working on the blend of Gaaja for[…]

MBombay Mōra Lancero

MBombay Mōra Lancero Cigar Review

It is a beautiful Sunday morning here in Melbourne, FL as I make myself a cup of coffee and head out to the back deck to enjoy the sun rising over the palm trees and watch my Cocker Spaniel Ziggy, the “Duke of Merriment”, run about the yard. Having smoked the MBombay Mōra Lancero the other day, it was[…]

MBombay Classic Belicoso Cigar Review

As many of you know, I have done a lot of travel these days, most recently to Germany and I really don’t know how so many of my fellow Brothers and Sisters of the leaf handle the frigid cold when smoking their favorite cigar outside. I know I had to bundle up in layers to[…]

MBOMBAY Kesara Torpedo #2 Cigar Review

I was recently contacted by Mel Shah, owner of Bombay Tobak /MBOMBAY. Mel wanted to know if I would be interested in reviewing his Kesara cigar which is one of a number of cigars the company offers. Having seen a lot of social media activity on MBOMBAY, I was humbled that he would want my[…]