Smoking Shields

Epic Cigars Expands Production of Smoking Shields Cigar

At this years IPCPR, Epic Cigars was displaying and telling the story of their new release – the Smoking Shields cigar. Released in November of 2016, the Smoking Shields was a cigar created for the charity organization by the same name, The Smoking Shields Cigar Club, Corp. The organization was established in 2015 with a mission[…]

Epic La Rubia

Epic La Rubia Rough Cut Cigar Review

It is said “blondes have more fun”, and this past year, Dean Parsons, from Epic Cigars, showed just how much fun a blonde can be. Adding to the already successful line of Maduro and Corojo cigars, Dean introduced the La Rubia, his latest creation, at the 2016 IPCPR. La Rubia translates to “The Blonde” in[…]

Epic Cigars Project E San Andres

Epic Cigars Project E San Andres – Rough Cut Cigar Review

Founded in 2010 by Dean Parsons, Epic cigars has developed and produced some fine cigars ever since. This year is no exception as they announced some new lines at this years IPCPR. These introductions included the La Rubia, Maduro Fuerte, and the Project E San Andres which is the topic of today’s review. I met Dean[…]