CAO Amazon Basin Trilogy Event

CAO Amazon Basin Trilogy Event at Executive Cigar Lounge

My many family and friends know that when it comes to birthdays, Boston Jimmie celebrates the for the whole month of his birth – November. So this year, the last day of November, the last day I celebrate, Tony Nardone owner of Executive Cigar Shop and Lounge, hosted a CAO Amazon Basin Trilogy event. Tony[…]

La Hoja – Hoja de Flores Auténtico Maduro – Cigar Review

I was downtown Melbourne, FL with my wife yesterday and ran into the rep from La Hoja Cigars, at the Executive Cigar Shop and Lounge. We watched some football and talked cigars. He wanted me to check out the Hoja de Flores Auténtico Maduro, which he just so happened to have on him. I delightfully accepted it[…]