Santiago Habano 5×50 Robusto Cigar Review

Today I have the pleasure of reviewing and reporting on the Santiago Habano cigar. As the Santiago website notes: Nicaragua cigars with its brand Santiago de Los Caballeros started 5 years ago as a hobby from a great cigar aficionado and member of a group which has been involved financing the Cigar Industry in Nicaragua for[…]

La Dueña No.5 Maduro Cigar Review

  I received some samples of the La Dueña  No.5 Robustos from the  Famous Smoke Shop a few months back and with all the activity of the IPCPR  and  summer  vacations I finally got the time to review them. La Dueña is a Pete Johnson creation for  Janny Garcia, Vice President of My Fathers  Cigars  and the sister[…]

Futuro Selección 109 Cigar Review

What do you get when you combine the craft of two fabulous cigar manufacturers in a collaborative effort? You get a new future or, in this case the Futuro cigar, from Warped and Casa Fernandez. It was reported earlier in the year that Kyle Gellis from Warped cigars was collaborating with Max Fernandez from Casa[…]

Crux du Connoisseur

Crux du Connoisseur Cigar Review

Last year  at this time, Crux cigars was new cigar company breaking into  the mix with 5 unique blends and interesting vitolas. They made the Stogie Press top 25 with their Crux Classic and they have rolling along ever since. This year the Crux cigar company has went all in with 3 additional blends including[…]

Moneda de Cuba 7×50 Maduro Churchill Cigar Review

I met Christopher J. Yarosz, owner of Moneda de Cuba cigars this year at the IPCPR in New Orleans and he was kind enough to provide us some samples of his line of fine cigars. Having returned from a long week of business in Detroit, MI, I got up this beautiful late summer Florida morning[…]

Alec Bradley MAXX Culture – 6×54 – Cigar Review

It is a nice day in the Stogie Press lounge this Saturday. We are all moved in to our new home and the lounge is all but finished and  it is time to relax and enjoy the first day of the rest of my life in my home. Looking through the humidor I decide to select[…]

Cigar Reserve Cedar Spills – Video Product Review

This year at the IPCPR  we met up with the team from Cigar Reserve. Based out of Lake Oswego, OR, Cigar Reserve has engineered a cedar spill that is quite unique in its design. Shaped like a Spanish sword, the cedar spill burns perfectly once lit and overs the perfect and preferred method to lighting your[…]

Ezra Zion All My EX’s – Robusto Cigar Review

The latest creation for Ezra Zion Cigar Company is named All My EX’s and was introduced at the 83rd Annual IPCPR show in New Orleans. In their press release, Ezra Zion stated: “We are constantly trying to challenge ourselves in our blending. The next cigar has to be better than the last.” said co-owner Kyle[…]

Flor de Gonzolez – FDG 20 Aniversario Broadleaf Toro Cigar Review

Last year we met Yadi Gonzalez at the Las Vegas IPCPR and I recall how pleasurable it was to sit and chat with her about Flor de Gonzalez (FDG) and cigars in general, so of course, FDG was on my must see list this year – not just for Yadi, but to see what FDG[…]

Cigars that are Making our Mouths Water

Last year there were well over 1200 new blends of cigars that hit the market, many of which were represented at the IPCPR.  Stogie Press had received a fraction of those new blends to sample as there are more suppliers than there is time to meet and greet. The same of course held true for[…]

August 2015 Editorial

Well the IPCPR has come and gone as did the 1 year anniversary of Stogie Press. As we enter our second year of bringing you the information, news, and reviews you enjoy we would like to thank all those int he industry and our reader for your help. We are looking forward to reviewing some of[…]

Cigar Trends at the IPCPR 2015

Every show we get to see the coming cigar trends – the things that you will see at your local tobacconist in the next coming months. There are things that just everyone seems to have latched onto. A big trend from last year’s show was the BIG ring gauge cigar. We saw an awful lot[…]

cordoba y morales cigars

A brief chat with Cordoba y Morales Cigars at IPCPR2015

After last years grand introduction of the Clave Cubana Etiqueta Blanca, Cordoba y Morales has been growing across the nation. As one of the Top 25 cigars in 2014, rated by Stogie Press we wanted to see what was new and catch up with “Z” the owner of Cordoba y Morales at the 83rd Annual IPCPR in[…]