Coyaba Red Label

Coyaba Red Label Cigar Review – Enticing to say the least

Back in September we reviewed the Coyabo White Label cigar and introduced you to Juan Nunez and his Coyaba Cigar company. Today we will offer a review of the Coyaba Red Label. I received this cigar from Juan himself at the Black Smoke Miami event for the purpose of reviewing on Stogie Press. While the[…]

Coyaba Cigars White Label

Coyaba Cigars White Label Cigar Review – 8 Years and Growing

Last month at the Black Smoke Miami event I had the privilege of meeting Juan P ‘JP’ Nuñez, the owner of a small boutique cigar company known a Coyaba Cigars. We spent a lot of time over the 3 days I was at the event and one evening we just got to talking about his[…]