Cigar News: Sinistro Cigars Teams up with Tiburan Boutique Cigars

Sinistro Cigars is proud to announce their partnership with Tiburon Boutique Cigars to represent the brand in the Texas Market.  Tiburon Boutique Cigars is owned by Carter Skinner, of Austin, Texas and Chris Osgood of Houston, Texas.  In a press release, James Agopian, co-owner of Sinistro Cigars, said; “We are pleased to have Chris and[…]

Senorial by Jose Blanco 65th Anniversary

Senorial by Jose Blanco 65th Anniversary Cigar Review

October 27, 1949 – that is the day José Blanco was born. Señor Blanco started his long career at the age of 25 as a rum salesman in the Dominican Republic. After 6 years he moved over to Grupo León Jimenes as a salesman for Presidente beer and Marlboro cigarettes. He quickly moved up the ladder, taking on ever-increasing positions in the[…]

La Aurora 1987 Connecticut

La Aurora 1987 Connecticut Cigar Review

Founded in 1903, the La Aurora factory is the oldest in the Dominican Republic. The company was started by an 18 year man, Eduardo León Jimenes, who had tobacco knowledge in his genes since birth. Eduardo’s father and grandfather were both tobacco growers and taught him all the traditions he needed to be successful. That knowledge,[…]

La Aurora CAMEROON 1903


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE April 24,  2017 (Miami, Florida) April 24, 2017 – La Aurora is pleased to release the La Aurora 1903 Cameroon. The 1903 Cameroon is a line extension of the “time capsule” series, which also boasts the 1962 Corojo and 1987 Connecticut.  These blends are dedicated to the years in which they began[…]

La Aurora Cameroon

La Aurora Cameroon Cigar Review – Heart of Darkness

It has been quite sometime since I enjoyed a Cameroon wrapped cigar, so when a little care packaged showed in the mail a few weeks ago with a collection of La Aurora cigars I was chomping at the bit to fire up the Cameroon. For those that are not up on Cameroon, let me say,[…]

Falto Yagüez Arawaco

Falto Yagüez Arawaco Cigar Review – Powered by Experience and Knowledge

What do you get when take a young college student with ambition and a passion for cigars and place him in the peak of the cigar boom of the mid 1990’s? Some would say an epic fail do to the lack of fine tobacco that was already owned by the goliaths at the time. But[…]

La Aurora 107 Cosecha 2006

La Aurora 107 Cosecha 2006 Cigar Review

A hundred and seven years (107), that is a long time to be in business. Two World wars, revolutions, rise and fall of nations. A lot happens in 107 years, and in the cigar business that is more than one lifetime. In fact, with the many ebbs and tides, regulations, and laws in the tobacco[…]

Viva Republica Art of War

The Art of War by Viva Republica – Rough Cut Cigar Review

“Warfare is important to a nation. It is a matter of life and death. It is the way to survival or to destruction. So study it.” – Sun Tzu This is the first passage of the first chapter of the infamous literary work, The Art of War, by Sun Tzu, written over 2,500 years ago in China.[…]

Baracoa Cigar Co. The Voyage

The Voyage by Baracoa Cigars – Rough Cut Cigar Review

I personally met Baracoa Cigar Company owner, Danny Vasquez, at this years IPCPR in Las Vegas and then again we stood together, brothers in arms, at the Save The Leaf “herf” in Washington D.C. in early August. Danny and his company, Baracoa Cigars, presented their inaugural release “The Voyage” at this years IPCPR and I am[…]

art of war

Appear weak when you are strong – Viva Republica Introduces Art of War

MIAMI – On July 21th, 2016 attendees of the International Premium Cigar and Pipe Retailer trade show will be introduced to Viva Republica’s Art of War, a larger sized parent brand to the company’s popular Warfare Series. The Art of War, handmade at La Aurora, along with all of the company’s releases, will be featured[…]

Baracoa Cigar The Voyage

Baracoa Cigar Company Announces Launch of “The Voyage”

Baracoa Cigar Company Announces Launch of “The Voyage” a Premium Cigar Hand Rolled in the Dominican Republic Cigar enthusiasts have good reason to be excited.  A new boutique cigar manufacturer Baracoa Cigar Company is set to release their first line, with a full dedication to providing the highest levels of quality and service.  The company[…]