La Palina MAduro

La Palina Maduro – Rough Cut Cigar Review

Today we offer the Stogie Press Rough Cut cigar review notes on the La Palina Maduro cigar. I purchased this cigar from Corona Cigar Co. in Orlando Florida. La Palina is a brand notable for their quality construction and delicious flavor profiles, I have had the opportunity to sit down with Bill Paley in the[…]

Victor Calvo Maduro

Victor Calvo Maduro Gran Corona – Cigar Review

Once again I would like to emphasize how wrong the FDA is when they arbitrarily put a $10.00 price point on a premium cigar. I can tell you how many cigars I have smoked that cost less and are true premium smokes. So once again I will make it clear. Today Stogie Press reviewed the Victor[…]

Come over to the Dark Side

When it comes to cigars, the dark side, those dark maduro wrapped sticks can seem scary to a mild cigar smoker or a newbie. They are perceived as strong, spicy, and an in your face style of smoke. Something one might describe as an after dinner stick to puff on. But I am here to[…]