Claudio Sgroi and Troops

The Human Side of the Cigar Industry – Mombacho Cigars/Team Callahan Cigars

One of the many reasons I love the cigar industry so much, besides the sheer pleasure of the many cigars I enjoy, is how the industry gives back to the community it serves. We see the evidence of this in children’s charities, Cigars for Warriors, and the supporting of families and neighbors of the hard[…]

Patina Habano

Patina Habano Cigar Review – Worth the Journey

By now you probably have read my review of the Patina Connecticut blend that spoke about one of the latest collaborations in the cigar industry between Mo Maali and Mombacho Cigars SA. I noted that there were two blends in the new Patina brand – Connecticut and Habano. Today I have the pleasure of talking about[…]

Patina Connecticut

Patina Connecticut Cigar Review

And the wheels keep turning! Even with the FDA regulations looming over the cigar industry it doesn’t seem to be slowing down manufacturers and brand owners from collaborating and joining forces to create new blends, flavors and experiences. One of these collaborations is the joint force of Mombacho Cigars SA and Mo Maali.  Claudio Sgroi, President[…]

Mombacho Liga Maestro

Mombacho Liga Maestro – Rough Cut Cigar Review

Has it been a decade already? Yep, it’s been ten years since Mombacho Cigars S.A. was founded by two close Canadian friends and a small family owned cigar factory in Granada, Nicaragua. The years have moved by quickly but their story and company has endured. Ten years are a long time in the cigar business, yet Mombacho[…]

Mombacho Tierra Volcan Fino Cigar Review

I took a trip to visit my grandchildren in Jacksonville FL which is a touch cooler than Central Florida and was a perfect evening for a little outdoor fire and a cigar after a day of playing with my grand-kids. So we gathered up the wood and ignited the fire pit as I sat down to[…]