Cigar News: Moya Ruiz Answers Smoke Inn Challenge

Moya Ruiz cigars have once again proved they can create unique presentations of their cigars. Most recently, the company was approached by Smoke Inn, one of the most prominent cigar lounge chains in Florida, to create a special cigar for their 13th installment of the popular Smoke Inn  Microblend ™ Series. The Moya Ruiz crew accepted[…]

La Zona Palooza 2017

La Zona Palooza 2017 – A Celebration of Family

In case you missed the social media explosion of posts this weekend, it was La Zona Palooza weekend in Miami! What is La Zona Palooza you ask? It is a celebration of the love of Espinosa Cigars and brands that are made at the La Zona cigar factory. La Zona is owned by Mr. Erik[…]

IL Ridotto

Moya Ruiz IL Ridotto Cigar Review – Enjoy Some Privacy!

We have been talking about it, other cigar bloggers have been talking about it, but now it is time to review it. The Moya Ruiz IL Ridotto which was announced at last years IPCPR and is now ready for review.It has been sitting in my humidor now for 3 months and has been calling out to[…]

We have been waiting for it – The Moya Ruiz IL Ridotto

Last year at the IPCPR, the Moya Ruiz team teased us all with a new blend – the IL Ridotto.  The name translates into “The Private Room” . IL RIDOTTO was the first public legal casino in Venice. We noted back then: If the Rake set the bar,  the IL RIDOTTO has can be expected to[…]

La Jugada Habano

La Jugada Habano Cigar Review – A Cigar Classic

Sometimes you have to go back to your roots,  what put you on the scene,  for all  to see. In the case of Moya Ruiz cigars,  I am talking about the La Jugada line of cigars. With all the “cool” coming out the Moya Ruiz team like the Chinese Finger Trap, Dim Mak,  Nunchuck, and Pickle[…]

Stogie Press 2016 Top 25 Boutique Cigars – La Cuarta Parte

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE December. 24 2016 The year is winding down and here we are on Christmas Eve? So far we have announced 15 of the Stogie press Top 25 contenders for 2016. Today I would like to present the La Cuarta Parte of the Stogie Press 2016 Top 25 Boutique Cigars. The final Stogie Press[…]

Moya Ruiz La Jugada Claro

Moya Ruiz La Jugada Claro – Rough Cut Cigar Review

Say it! “La WHO gah dah”. That’s  right, by now consumers should know how to pronounced it. Moya Ruiz announced the original La Jugada in Late October of 2012 and the line has increased over the years.  At this years IPCPR the company introduced the latest in the La Jugada line up, the La Jugada Claro. In the words of Danny[…]

Moya Ruiz Cigars Receives Patent on Nunchuck Cigar

It’s official!  Danny Moya from Moya Ruiz cigars, has received a patent on “connected cigars”. After releasing the Nunchuck line of cigars back in 2014, Moya Ruiz applied for a patent for the concept of connected cigars. The US Patent office has granted the patent which can be viewed here: The patent was filed in[…]

Moya Ruiz Release Exclusive Civil Disobedience Cigar

May 19, 2016 For immediate release: Civil disobedience is the active, professed refusal to obey certain laws, demands and commands of a government. A symbolic or ritualistic violation of the law. Henry David Thoreau’s image was chosen because of his essay on civil disobedience which influenced the political thoughts and actions of such figures as[…]

MoyaRuiz New Pickle Juice Cigar

Press Release MoyaRuiz Cigars announces Pickle Juice

The MoyaRuiz men are at it again.  First it was Nunchucks, then a Chinese Finger Trap now they bring us Pickle Juice. That’s right, you heard me, Pickle Juice. It is not really juice but rather a pickle jar filled with some fine, newly blended, cigars. Here is the press release from Moya Ruiz Cigar[…]

Stogie Press 2015 Top 25 Cigars

  It is two days before Santa arrives and we are pleased to announce the next 5 candidates for the Stogie Press Top 25 cigars for 2015. Of course we feature only Boutique blends in our list since there are so  many other lists out there. Once all 25 are announced we will publish the[…]

Press Release – Moya Ruiz Announces 2nd Rake Poker Room

For Immediate Release: November 24, 2015 We are proud to announce our second Rake poker room location.  Cigar Room Davie 6341 Stirling Rd. Davie, FL is located in the heart of Broward county Florida.  Retailer store owner Ray Benitez is a great friend and when he approached us with the idea we couldn’t have been[…]

MoyaRuiz The Rake “Fix” Cigar Review

The Rake – named after the term for what a casino or house takes in a gambling game. “You gotta pay to play.” In their press release Danny Moya of MoyaRuiz cigars stated: The Rake pays homage to the company’s love of “the game”… It was a nice August evening in Michigan and I had just[…]