rose of sharon lancero

Southern Draw Cigars Announces Exclusive Rose of Sharon Lancero with Famous Smoke

Oh what a few years in the cigar business does when you have a consistently great and award-winning product.  I remember meeting Robert Holt a few years in a small shop in Austin, Texas and like all good brothers of the leaf, we have been friends ever since. This year was a spectacular year for[…]

Southern Draw Jacobs Ladder

Southern Draw Jacobs Ladder Cigar Review – Smooth Strength

You have heard of smooth operators, sharp dressed men, and smooth jazz. Today I am going to talk to you about Smooth Strength. That is how we at Stogie Press ultimately describe the new Southern Draw Jacobs Ladder, a cigar as unique as the man who created it. As you read the reason will become clear. The Jacobs[…]

Southern Draw Cigars Announces Release of Jacobs Ladder

Southern Draw Cigars, the company that brought the renowned Kudzu, Firethorn, and recent Rose of Sharon cigars has announced their latest creation today – Jacobs Ladder.  The intent of this new release is to round out the Southern Draw Cigars line with a very rich and complex, full  body cigar. Jacobs Ladder is described as[…]

Southern Draw Cigars - Rose of Sharon

The Rose of Sharon – A rose by any other name – its a cigar!

For those that have met and know Robert Holt, owner of Southern Draw Cigars,  you know he is a devoutly religious and caring person. In fact he is known as the Chief Evangelist of Southern Draw Cigars.  So it is by no surprise that the latest creation coming from Southern Draw is the Rose of[…]

Kudzu Axil

Southern Draw Kudzu Axil – A solid hit for the team

Baseball 2017 has arrived and I can’t wait till Monday when the Red Sox open their season at Fenway . Pitching, hitting, running, and dramatic strategy for the next 162 days and nights. Speaking of hits, I am sitting here today watching the Yankees and Rays play the first game of the 2017 season  while[…]

Code Duello Kudzo Oscuro

Southern Draw Code Duello Kudzu Cigar review

Robert Holt of Southern Draw Cigars knew he had a hit with his Kudzu cigar last year, so he took it to a new level in 2016 with the Code Duello Kudzu Limitada. Bypassing the IPCPR this year, Robert spent his time creating some new vitolas and working on new blends in Nicaragua. One of those[…]

Southern Draw Code Duello Firethorn

Southern Draw Code Duello Firethorn 6 x56 – Cigar Review

Count off ten paces turn and shoot! Yea that’s what one may think about when the word Duel comes up. But that is not how it always was. In fact a Duel was a way to settle disputes often without bloodshed or death. The rules of a Duel are known as the Code Duello. So[…]

Southern Draw Cigars

Southern Draw Cigars announces updated package design

Southern Draw Cigars announces updated package design August 3, 2016 – Esteli, Nicaragua The Company is very pleased to announce that ALL Southern Draw Cigars will enjoy an upgraded package design as they begin shipping this week.  Certain retailers provided constructive comments and recommendations on the early package design and on the 2 year Anniversary[…]

QuickDraw Connecticut

Southern Draw Cigars QuickDraw Connecticut – Rough Cut Cigar Review

Today we offer the Stogie Press Rough Cut cigar review notes on the Southern Draw Cigars – QuickDraw Connecticut. This cigar, announced back in April of this year,  is the new, bitter-sweet sister of the QuickDraw Habano and Pennsylvania Broadleaf blends. Robert Holt, founder of Southern Draw Cigars sent me  samples of his latest creation last month[…]

Southern Draw Cigars releases new blend – QUICKDRAW CONNECTICUT

Southern Draw Cigars releases new blend – QUICKDRAW CONNECTICUT April 11, 2016 The NEW QuickDraw Connecticut blend will complement the successful QuickDraw Ecuadorian Dark Habano and QuickDraw Pennsylvania Broadleaf blends, and was blended to provide a unique balance of body, strength and flavor not found in traditional cigars with Connecticut wrappers. Blend Profile: Wrapper:  Ecuadorian[…]