Davidoff Yamasa

Davidoff Yamasa – A Dream Come True – Cigar Review

This time last year, I took a little trip, with some cigar pals, to the Dominican Republic. The week was packed with learning and meeting some of the best the island nation had to offer. During that week, I had the pleasure of visiting the Davidoff Cigar Lounge in Santiago. It was there that we met[…]

Padilla Annversary

Padilla Anniversary Rough Cut Cigar Review

Padilla Cigar Company was showing off a number of new blends and vitolas at the 2016 IPCPR. The portfolio was increased by 25 vitolas across 5 lines. One of those lines was the Padilla Anniversary – a cigar to celebrates 14 years in business. The presentation of the Padilla Anniversary is stunning, wrapped in a[…]

Recluse Amadeus Lancero

Recluse Amadeus Lancero Cigar Review

Lanceros, a vitola that some really enjoy and others seem to shy away from. As for me, I like a good lancero, it is an elegant cigar and when properly constructed, it burns beautifully and flavorful. Today, I would like to discuss the Iconic Leaf Recluse Amadeus Lancero. At this past years IPCPR, Iconic Leaf added some[…]

Epic La Rubia

Epic La Rubia Rough Cut Cigar Review

It is said “blondes have more fun”, and this past year, Dean Parsons, from Epic Cigars, showed just how much fun a blonde can be. Adding to the already successful line of Maduro and Corojo cigars, Dean introduced the La Rubia, his latest creation, at the 2016 IPCPR. La Rubia translates to “The Blonde” in[…]

El Galan Semilla Cubana Maduro

El Galan Semilla Cubana Maduro Cigar Review

I was digging through my humidor this evening after dinner looking for something to smoke and came across the El Galan Semilla Cubana Maduro. Maybe it was the beautiful band or perhaps the dark brown, aged, oily and mottled, maduro wrapper that got my attention. All I know, it stood out in the field of cigar[…]

Sensado Shanghai

Sensado Shanghai Rough Cut Cigar Review

I loved visiting Shanghai on business. I have been there numerous times, staying in hotels in both the new (Pudong) and old (Puxi) sections of the city. It is a vibrant city that has everything you expect from a major world city. This year a new cigar brand, Sensado Cigars, introduced their first line known[…]

Mi Querida by Steve Saka

Dunbarton Mi Querida – Rough Cut Cigar Review

It looks like Steve Saka from Dunbarton Tobacco & Trust, has a new mistress. In this case the Mi Querida. Although the phrase translates as “my Dearest”, Steve notes; “it is a rather provocative word within Nicaragua used to describe your secret mistress.” The Mi Querida is Steve’s second introduction since leaving Drew Estate, he introduced[…]

Warped Maestro Del Tiempo

Warped Maestro Del Tiempo – Rough Cut Cigar review

Time, we never seem to have enough of it. Never enough time in the day, yet we wake early and go to sleep late. With regards to time, Charles Darwin said “A man who dares to waste one hour of time has not discovered the value of life.”  This year, Warped Cigars has introduced the Maestro[…]


El Yayabo DOÑA DIANA – Rough Cut Cigar Review

El Yayabo Cigars extended their portfolio of fine cigars at this years IPCPR in Las Vegas. You may have read the Stogie Press review of the original Yayabo last year (our number 6 cigar of 2015), or  perhaps you have read the review of the Cirion which made our Top 25 contender list this year  Today[…]

El Galan Doña Nievas Sentimento

El Galan Cigars Doña Nievas Sentimento – Rough Cut Cigar Review

Felix Mesa of El Galan Cigars once again reveres his grandmother in the latest release of the El Galan Cigars Doña Nievas Sentimento. The original Doña Nieves was released in 2014. This years introduction at the Las Vegas IPCPR was a Oscuro wrapped version of the tribute. The Doña Nievas Sentimento is available in 3 box-pressed vitolas[…]

PDR El Trovador

PDR Cigars El Trovador – Rough Cut Cigar review

It was back in July of 2014 when PDR cigars filed for the El Trovador trademark on their, soon to be coming, El Trovador cigar line. Two years later, Abe Flores and PDR cigars  released their newest line at the IPCPR  in Las Vegas. The name itself come to Abe when he was on a[…]

Azan Blue Cigar

Azan Blue Label – Rough Cut Cigar Review

At this years IPCPR, RP Duran cigars introduced a new extension to their Azan line of cigars. This time the company went with a Connecticut wrapped cigar known as the Azan Blue. This is the first Connecticut blend for the Azan line and it joins the White, Burgundy, and Maduro Natural siblings in the Azan[…]

Ink Cigars Unadulterated

INK Cigars Unadulterated Connecticut Rough Cut Cigar Review

INK Cigars, a name you may not find in every cigar shop across the country, is a small cigar brand, like many others in the industry, are trying to survive in a post FDA regulation market. One can not say if they we will survive as only the company can determine that, but I can certainly talk[…]

L’Atelier Côte d’Or La Tâche

L’Atelier Côte d’Or La Tâche – Rough Cut Cigar Review

It is always good to trade cigars with friends. Like baseball cards when I was young, you always got something that you didn’t have. Today I would  like to talk about the L’Atelier Côte d’Or La Tâche cigar that my very good friend Alton gifted to me the other day. Now, to start with, this cigar is[…]