Captain Fred

Rare Scotch – Hiram and Solomon Cigars – Sailing in the Sun – Sláinte!!

What a difference a week can make when it comes to winter weather here in Florida. Just this time last week, I was getting ready to drive down to Stuart, Florida to  join up with 13 other Rare Scotch and Cigar enthusiasts to embark on a 3 hour tour of the Schooner Lily. Now if[…]

Cigars and Scotch

I love cigars and have enjoyed them for 37 years, I also enjoyed scotch for just as long. For many years I drank blended scotch – Chivas, Johnnie Walker, and Dewars. Sometime around my late thirties my good friend Tony introduced me to Macallan 35 Year Old single malt scotch. It was like having sex[…]