Sensado Shanghai

Sensado Shanghai Rough Cut Cigar Review

I loved visiting Shanghai on business. I have been there numerous times, staying in hotels in both the new (Pudong) and old (Puxi) sections of the city. It is a vibrant city that has everything you expect from a major world city. This year a new cigar brand, Sensado Cigars, introduced their first line known[…]

Sensada Cigars New York

Sensado Cigars New York – Rough Cut Cigar Review

Today we bring you another visit to the City Series of Sensado Cigars. This time we take a little trip to New York. I may be known as Boston Jimmie but I was born and raised for 20 years in and around New York City. I was a young adult during the late 1970’s and[…]

Sensado Cigars Rome

Sensado Roma Torpedo Rough Cut Cigar Review

  Sensado Cigars, a brand you may not be familiar with and one I cam across at the 2016 IPCPR. I met Dave McMullen at the show and spent time with him learning about his brand and cigars. Sensado currently has 4 blends in their introductory lineup known as the “City” series; Roma, New York,[…]