Calle Ocho – Little Havana Miami

Calle Ocho Calle Ocho is the center of Cuban exile life in Miami. One could argue it is the center of Cuban exile in the world as well. Nowhere in the world can you find more Cubans (other than Cuba itself) or the lifestyle that they love. Cubans are, by and large, an accommodating and Read more about Calle Ocho – Little Havana Miami[…]

Key West – America’s Caribbean Island

I have vacationed in Key West FL for as long as I have lived here in the sunshine state. I moved down to Florida in 1986 and quickly discovered America’s Caribbean island. The island is just 90 miles from Cuba and is steeped in history. There is only a few ways to get to Key Read more about Key West – America’s Caribbean Island[…]

US to start Normalizing Relations with Cuba

President Obama anounced this morning that the US has reached agreement with Cuba to ease retrictions on travel and establish embassies in the US and Cuba. Although this does allow normal US citizens to travel to Cuba it does open the door for the future. The agreement was negotiated with the help of the Canadian Read more about US to start Normalizing Relations with Cuba[…]

History of Ybor City

He re-established his factory there, hiring many of the Cuban refugees who had also fled Cuba, and started making his popular “Principe de Gales” line. Key West, however, was not an ideal location for his factory. There were many issues such as shipping to the mainland, conflicts between Spanish and Cuban workers & ready accessibility Read more about History of Ybor City[…]

Visiting Brazil’s Giant Cities

By Ted Riley | Submitted On June 03, 2014 Brazil is easily the biggest country in South America, taking up nearly half of the continent. Brazil is additionally the world’s fifth greatest country by geographical degree and population. The equator passes through the northern part of the country, near Macapa, and the Tropic of Capricorn Read more about Visiting Brazil’s Giant Cities[…]