IPCPR/PCA News: The Numbers!

For those that are interested, here are the official attendance count at this years IPCPR/PCA trade show:

  • Total # of Attendees: 5,462
  • Total # of Retailer Attendees: 2,085
  • Total # of Retail Accounts Represented: 771
  • Total # of Retail Stores Represented: 2,017
  • Total # of Manufacturer Attendees: 3,043
  • Total # of Manufacturers Represented: 233

The PCA noted that each retailer badge that was accounted for in the above numbers was for an individual that arrived at the show, came to the registration desk, presented a valid ID, and received a badge. One person was counted one time, regardless of how many times they entered the show, how many days they attended or how many badges they had reprinted. The numbers represent the total number of verified attendees on site at the show.

I reached out to the PCA and they also confirmed to me that there were 31 media outlets represented at this years show with a total of 81 media personal.

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