Many in the cigar industry know of Jessi Flores, the cigar artist who worked for Drew Esates Sub-culture studios for many years. Less of us know of his life’s struggles as he keeps them private. This weekend I learned that Jessi’s 20 year old daughter, Stephanie Nicole, is in great need of medical assistance.

Stephanie will undergo a major operation, to remove 3 SMALL TUMORS and 1 LARGE TUMOR in her left kidney. The operation is being done as a precaution, because her doctor told Jessi and his family that she would not be able to endure chemo if the tumors spread into cancerous cells. It was a very difficult decision for the family to make, since this is a very high risk operation in and of itself but also because of all of Stephanie’s health problems which include:

  • Tetralogy of Fallot (TOF)  — she has 2 holes in her heart
  • Pulmonary Hypertension  — she also has a collapsed lung, she is currently using only one lung to breathe
  • Hypocalcemia  — problems in her bones due to her blood deficiency. Her bones are separating from her spinal cord and also from her wrists, elbows & knees. 
  • Nephrolithiasis (kidney stone) — [although this is a common, easily treatable condition for most people, it is not for her, it has to be treated carefully to get her healthy for her operation]

Jessi and his family have started a Go Fund Me page and humbly ask those who can afford it, to try and donate what aver they can. Every little bit will help.


The original link was taken down. The reason is explained in Jessi Flores’ facebook page here.

I have embedded the new Link to the latest Go Fund Me page here:



  • Any special medications she needs
  • The food she needs to get her healthy for her operation, her doctor has her on a special diet
  • Medical Bed
  • Oxygen Tank 
  • Hire a nurse to take care of her after the operation
  • Move her to a 1 story home, she has limited mobility so she has to be carried up and down the stairs
  • Move her closer to where I am so I can see her more often and she can see her doctor more often

A Message From Jessi Flores

Jessi reached out on his YouTube channel with a heartfelt message about his daughters struggle.

In closing Jessi notes:

I want to get her as healthy as possible for her upcoming procedure and be able to provide her with a few basic things that would make her life easier after the fact.


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