The Cigar Widow

It’s International Woman’s Day. This is also my birthday week -Wednesday, actually. It’s also the week that my husband, Boston Jimmie, had two major, back-to-back cigar events; one in the Dominican Republic & the other in Texas. I’m in Central Florida, so yeah, happy birthday to me.

My fantasy birthday party with all Boston Jimmie’s cigar buddies

The logistics worked like this: he left here last Friday around 11 am for a 5:30 pm the flight to the DR out of Miami International. He was trying to avoid the hellashish traffic that Miami, and particularly the airport area is famous for. He got there early, so he hung out with a cigar vendor (I don’t remember which one), then got to the airport for his flight. He was there for a weekend event with DBL Cigars, as I’m sure you, his loyal readers know. He got home here around 6 pm Tuesday.

He was home for my birthday, and offered to take me out for dinner. That was nice of him & I appreciate that, however, I’m a much better cook then any of the restaurants around here & I like cooking for us, so I made dinner. He worked on Thursday, but had a really, really early flight out today (Friday). He was saying that he would need to leave around 3am this morning to get to Orlando airport in time for his crack of dawn flight. I suggested that he book a hotel room near the airport Thursday night so he could get a little more rest. He did, so he left here around 6 pm yesterday.

Maybe you are wondering what he gave me for my birthday? I picked out a very nice saucier (fancy pan used to make sauces) & got his AmEx to pay for it. One of my clients (Thanks Ryan Gallimore of UCD in Michigan!) sent flowers & chocolates. I mentioned to Jimmie that he was showing him up. Jimmie says, “I seem to remember that you think flowers are a waste of money.”

I said, “You seem to be confusing me with your ex-wife, cause I love flowers.”

I love flowers said the black widow.

So, yeah, I’m a cigar widow. Alone because my husband is always traveling to go to cigar events. I know there are a lot of us out there. we are a sisterhood. Many of the boutique cigar brand owners have cigar widows – left alone in our homes, taking care of all things domestic so our hubbies can indulge in their passion.

Speaking of that passion, that shit is expensive. The cigars are just the start. Then you need to plan a way to store & preserve those precious cigars.

You need a humidification plan – not just a humidor, nooooo. You need a plan. It does start out as just a simple desktop humidor, but eventually, any passionate cigar lover will have to develop a plan. Boston Jimmie moved up to a custom job by adapting his grandfather’s liquor cabinet. He lined it with Spanish cedar & got a humidification system that involved refilling a water reservoir or something like that. That was good for a few years. Then he got to be a bit of a cigar celebrity.

Adoring Fans…hmmmph!

Boston Jimmie writes cigar reviews, so we get packages of cigars here ALL THE TIME. In addition, when we went to Vegas this past July for the ICPCR, we were loaded with samples from everyone. We came to Vegas with one empty suitcase for the cigars, but this year we needed to buy 2 new carry-on bags to bring is all home. So I suggested to Jimmie that he buy a free standing refrigerated humidor. I suggested the 6′ model, but he bought the 54″ one instead. It’s packed & hasn’t really emptied out since July. We had converted our garage to his smoking lounge already. We had to figure out how to fit this thing in. We gave up some space at the end of the bar – did I mention that I built him a bar a few years back? Anyway, I digress.

So now I am a cigar widow. Left alone a lot. Spending our money on the things he needs to support his “hobby”. So, have mercy on your patient woman who waits for you at home & does all she can to support your hobby. You might not think so all the time, but I can guarantee that woman is a saint. Worship her. Wrap your arms around her when you see her for a day or two. And don’t forget to THANK HER.

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