Shirtless Mike’s 2019 Holiday Cigar Gift Guide for the Cigar Lover In Your Life! By Mike Holmes

We are over a month away from this year’s holiday season and everyone is preparing for the most wonderful time of the year! The holiday season is a fun time for most of us but it can also be a confusing time for non smokers who have loved ones that are enthralled in the cigar lifestyle. Never fear. Shirtless Mike is here! No more buying basic ash trays and cigar samplers that are just awful! I have compiled some of my favorite things I feel like your loved one will also enjoy this holiday season. This will not be your typical holiday gift guide list, I aim to make it the ultimate gift guide and will even provide you enough time to pick out your gifts so you don’t have to rush. If you are the cigar smoker please share this with your family so that they can get you something cool.  Without further adieu I present to you Shirtless Mike’s 2019 Holiday Gift Guide! 

Jessi Flores Creations

Jessi Flores, the long time director of Sub Culture Studios at Drew Estate, moved out on his own after 20 years with Drew Estate. Jessi makes beautiful hand painted and custom cigar cases which reflect the personal interests of the individual. You can order these directly from his page on the Ortez Shop in Nicaragua. The shop has standard cases you can order and you can also commission Jessi to create a custom one to your desire. These cases start at $215.00.

Y. A. Bera Clothing

The creation of Joseph Jenovese, Y.A.Bera is all about casual elegance. The company brought back the classic and iconic style of the Guayabera Shirt, but with a modern restoration. Besides their classic long and short sleeve shirts, Y.A.Bera also has a line of affordable bracelets and cigar cases too. Check them out at


Cigarzup is the brainchild of Steven Casalino. He is an inventor that started out making these clips to hold razors on a can of shaving cream. Unfortunately, the original purpose of Cigarzup did not take off. Steven eventually started to get into cigars and this is where he realized that he could clip it onto a bottle or can and comfortably rest a cigar so that you don’t have to put your cigar down while enjoying a beverage! Cigarzup took off and since its inception has been a bestseller during the holiday season. I highly recommend Cigarzup for the cigar lover in your life. To purchase please visit: 

Humidor Enthusiast

If you are looking for humidors and cigar accessories, look no further than Humidor Enthusiast. This site has a wide selection to choose from so you should have no problem choosing that perfect gift for your cigar loving friend or family member. They even have financing options for those high priced items like large cabinet humidors. Check them out at

Ash Quarterly Magazine Subscription

Ash Quarterly Magazine is a fairly new publication in the cigar world, but it is well worth the mention. Ash Quarterly is the only magazine that is also a cigar subscription service. Every 3 months you will receive an awesome magazine with high quality content and very little advertisements. The subscription includes 3 premium cigars (20 lucky subscribers will receive 4 cigars). First time subscribers will also receive a cigar journal. To top it all off Ash Quarterly is also a proud supporter of Cigars for Warriors! For every physical subscription of Ash Quarterly they will also donate a cigar to Cigars for Warriors. Ash Quarterly has a couple of options for subscribing to their magazine. You can pay for the entire year for only $119.99 or you can play it by ear and pay by the quarter for only $34.99. For more information on Ash Quarterly and to subscribe please visit: 

The Great Smoke 2020 Tickets 

The Great Smoke is one of the premier events in Florida. The Great Smoke is put on yearly by Smoke Inn headed by honest Abe (Smoke Inn Owner). The Great Smoke is well worth the money paid. General Admission is just $150 for The Great Smoke event and after parties. There are a few pre-events before the main event which is held this coming year on Saturday, February 22, 2020. You can add on a Red Meat Lovers Club VIP dinner event for $150.00 and a Sunday brunch event for $35.00.  The main event includes over 45 premium cigars, food and drinks. Trying to describe the entire event just doesn’t do it justice! You can check out the Stogie Press coverage of the 2019 event here. For a full list of all of the weekend’s festivities and pricing for the extra events please visit: Ticket sales started November 1st. 

Michael Noelle Leatherworx 

If you have been following Boston Jimmie or I, then you will recognize Michael Noelle Leatherworx. Bryon C. James is the owner and he produces well made high quality leather products, from wallets to saddle bags and clever cigar accessories. This is a great gift idea for the cigar enthusiast in your life who enjoys luxury products. Michael Noelle Leatherworx products are specially handcrafted with attention to quality and performance. Your family member will love the attention to detail and how luxurious every item will make them feel. Go ahead and check out the website:

CigarMedics Humidimeter 

Boston Jimmie just recently reviewed this product on the Stogie Press YouTube channel. This little device measures the humidity of the cigar based on a calibrated conversion of moisture content to relative humidity. The device is easy to use. You just poke the head or foot of the cigar and the Humidimeter will give a relative humidity reading so you know if the cigar is at the proper moisture content to enjoy. It is a very cool little gadget and retails for $29.99. To buy one please visit

Phat Ash Collection 

If you’ve never heard about the Phat Ash Collection then you’re in luck! Phat Ash is a premiere brand that is the result of Sedrick Dunson’s love of Cigar culture. He created a line of clothing that emphasizes perfect cigar ash hence the name Phat Ash. The Phat Ash Collection include numerous shirts, hats, bags and other merchandise that the cigar smoker in your life will enjoy. Nothing beats smoking the best cigars while wearing the best cigar apparel! For more information please visit: 

Groovy Guy Gifts

A couple of items were reviewed on Stogie Press in the past and are worth a mention on my list;

The site has some great gift ideas! Every item on the website can be personalized with the name of your loved one. There’s everything from whiskey glasses to knives, bags and wallets! Almost everything you can think of to personalize is on this site. What are you waiting for? Go ahead and see for yourself! 

Room 101 Merchandise

You have heard of Room 101 the cigar brand, but that isn’t the end of the road. Matt Booth is the mastermind behind Room 101, which is an entire collection of Jewelry from Bracelets to Necklaces and Rings. No matter what your loved one is into, I am sure you will the ultimate jewelry for them on Room 101. Matt Booth works with silver, gold, and titanium and even works with beads that look great with any look! The jewelry isn’t cheap so expect to pay a little bit, but with anything you get what you pay for and quality is the name of the game here! Not only does Room 101 make jewelry but they also have an apparel side to the company. Matt Booth has some great designs for his T-shirts and Hoodies and even hats and cell phone cases! Boofy’s got ya covered for Christmas this year!  Check out: 

Cigar Prop

If you have no idea who Kevin Shahan is by now, you are probably living under a rock! Cigar Prop is a company that makes cigar stands so that you don’t have to set your cigar down on an unclean surface such as a dirty public ashtray, workbench or anywhere else you aren’t sure is the cleanest surface. Cigar props are made from many different materials and are unique and stylish. Kevin also makes a bleeder tool for Cigar lighters. If you have ever tried to bleed a lighter with a mini screwdriver, you know it works but it isn’t the best for the lighter. Kevin’s Cigar bleeders are specially designed for lighters and will not ruin the lighter over time! Not only does Cigar prop make such awesome cigar accessories but they also have stickers and hats available along with other little knickknacks which make great stocking stuffers this holiday season! Check out to purchase! 

The Cigar Gift Ideas 

Since you’re shopping for the cigar lover in your life it also makes sense to buy some cigars right? Well you’re in luck because Stogie Press specializes in boutique cigars and many of which have been reviewed on this site! Check out our top 25 list from last year which features some of the highest rated cigars reviewed on Stogie Press. You can’t go wrong with any of the cigars on the list! 

Happy Holidays

I want to thank you for checking out my holiday gift guide. If you are a cigar smoker and you want to give your family great gift ideas then share this article with them. If you are not a cigar smoker please check out all of the gift ideas i have provided. There is something for everybody and all income levels! As we are starting to close out the year I want to thank you for reading my articles this year on stogie press. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all of the support. I promise to make 2020 an unforgettable year and bring you raw and uncut Shirtless Mike articles as only I could do them!

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