Sosa Cigars Announces the IMPERIO CUBANO MIAMI

PRESS RELEASE 06/03/2015 For Immediate Release Contact: Arby Sosa 305-541-6400 IMPERIO CUBANO MIAMI Miami, Florida – June 3, 2015 -Antillian Cigar Corporation, also known as Sosa Cigars, has been celebrating 50 years of making cigars. As part of their celebration, they are rolling out a campaign where they are “returning to their roots” and[…]

Arby Sosa and Sosa Family Cigars

If you have ever been to Downtown Disney in Orlando Florida you may have come across the Sosa cigar shop. This small (660 Sq ft) premium cigar shop has more than 80 brands of cigars, including Auturo Fuente, Padron, Diamond Crown, Imperio Cubano and the much sought-after Fuente Fuente Opus XE. It has been in[…]