2015 Top 5 Connecticut Shade Cigars

Every year cigar magazines and websites around the country publish their top cigar lists for the year. We at Stogie Press published ours on New Years Day at the stroke of midnight. Cigar smokers from around the globe pour over these lists looking for that top cigar they may not have tried yet. What you may notice in these lists, is the poor Connecticut Shade, that light colored sometimes bitter to the tongue cigar which does not get much attention. The focus tends to be on darker wrappers. Like a bastard stepchild it sits alone on the shelf waiting to please the palates of full body experienced smokers.

Stogie Press has enjoyed a number of less talked about cigars would like to announce their top 5 Connecticut shade cigars for 2015.

  • Number 1 – Drew Estate Shade: By far the most talked about Connecticut in 2015. Delivering a delicious blend of citrus fruit and nut which pretty much maintained throughout the burn. We commend Willy and the Undercrown team at Drew Estate for creating a most delightful Connecticut shade smoking experience. This is an excellent extension to the Undercrown line.Undercrown Shade

  • Number 2 – Kafie 1901 ConnecticutOverall, the Kafie 1901 Connecticut is a delightful light to medium cigar. It has consistent flavor that can be enjoyed anytime of the day and by newbies and aficionados alike. The traditional bitterness of the wrapper is dialed way back while the construction is perfect and the draw impeccable, delivering mouthfuls of tasty delicious smoke.

    Kafie 1901 Connecticut

    Kafie 1901 Connecticut

  • Number 3 – Nomad Therapy Connecticut:  Overall The Nomad Therapy Connecticut is definitely one Connecticut that stood out with excellent flavor and burn qualities. Especially the sweet almond milk flavor that was present in the profile. Smoking it to the nub was never an issue burning cool throughout.Nomad Therapy Connecticut

  • Number 4 – Mbombay Kesara: Overall the MBOMBAY Kesara Torpedo #2 is one of those hidden gems of a Connecticut wrapped cigar. With hints of nut, citrus, and caramel, Mel Shah has done an excellent job with this cigar. The construction was pretty much spot on. Mbombay Kesara

  • Number 5 – Santiago Connecticut: Overall the Santiago Connecticut is a bold cigar that may well shock some newbies if they think this is a mild smoke. Experienced smokers will enjoy the transitions in flavor along with the the little kick it gives you. This is no Sissy Connecticut.
    Santiago Connecticut

    Santiago Connecticut

    So there you have it. Congratulations to these manufacturers for creating wonderful smoking experiences. Let’s see what 2016 brings us. If you have not smoked a light shade cigar recently maybe you should check these out.

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