June 5, 2014


  • I was thinking the other day, that over the past six years, I have sampled and reviewed a boat load of cigars on Stogie Press. So I decided to start a small series of the “must try” cigars in different categories. Today I will focus on Nicaragua, the largest exporter of cigars to the United

  • Ever since they appeared on KMA Talk Radio with Abe and his crew, these sisters of the leaf instantly appeared on everyone’s radar. Prior to forming their crew, each of these ladies had their own social media followings and were already making their own mark on the cigar community with their vast knowledge and lively

  • Jessi Flores, aka Jessi “Victms” Flores, today announced that he has launched his new apparel and accessories line Victms 1975 by Jessi Flores via victms1975.com. In today’s press release, Jessi noted: “Launching my own brand has been a life-long dream for me. Victms 1975 by Jessi Flores has been in the works for a minute.

  • As of the weekend of March 20-22, the cigar community has seen a tremendous spike among cigar enthusiasts who have started herfing with brothers and sisters of the leaf from all parts of the United States. “Virtual Herfing” isn’t a new phenomenon, but the sudden spike in use of technology due to the Corona Virus

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    So, you are tired of hearing those words everywhere you go? You know the ones; that stinks, can you move away, your cigar smoke is bothering me, that is offensive, etc. Well, we at Stogie Press are here to help you retort those comments. We know sometimes you have to be diplomatic about responding, so

  • Casa de Montecristo by Prime Cigar & Whisky Bar located in Miami, will serve as ground zero for a national touring event featuring the Mombacho Diplomatico and the award-winning Diplomatico Rum. This special event will take place on Thursday March 12, 2020 at 1106 S Miami Ave #202, Miami, FL 3313. The Mombacho Diplomatico cigar

  • This past Saturday, February 29, 2020 – Stogie Press launched the “Taking it to the Nub” cigar show that is planned for Saturday evenings at 7 PM eastern. Each weekly episode features Stogie Press contributor, “Shirtless Mike Holmes” and Stogie Press Editor in Chief “James – Boston Jimmie – Vita” along with special guests in

  • As I sit back and reflect on my birthday weekend I feel one thing – gratitude. I am eternally grateful to have been blessed enough to make it to see the age of 31. This past weekend I traveled to West Palm Beach, via Greyhound Bus, to attend the Smoke Inn’s massive cigar event “The

  • Well this was my first Tobacco Plus Expo (TPE) trade show and what a show it was. The team from Tobacco Media Group (TMG) and anchor sponsors Villiger Cigars, Drew Estate, and Philips and King put on a magnificent show. It all started on Wednesday morning, January 28th, with a Keynote speech by the calm,

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    A note from Boston Jimmie Alright now – 2019 is over, cigar media have posted their top lists and the debates have begun. You may agree or disagree with the ratings, rankings, and selections on them, or then again you may not even care, but one thing every consumer should pay attention to is what

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    Happy New Year to everyone reading my first article of the year and the new decade! This time of the year people tend to be hyped up about “What is to come” in the new year. Resolutions are made only to be broken a couple months later. The resolutions turn into lies and then you

  • Meet The Latest Vaporizer Alternative Much to the delight of smokers looking to quit, there is now an electronic, vaporizer-driven or “vape” alternative to everything notorious for having serious side effects on lung health. For nearly a decade now, hookah, shisha, cigarette and pipe smokers have all had an established array of brands to shop

  • My relationship with Paradise Cigarz in Rockledge, Fl began 9 years ago. I was pretty new to cigars and did not smoke as often as I do now. My mom sent me to spy on prices at a barbershop in the adjacent plaza and on my way I passed a sign that said “Cigars” and

  • A couple of months back, I received a pretty cool device in the mail from a company called Cigarmedics. They asked if I would be kind enough to review their product, known as the HumidiMeter, on Stogie Press. This is not the first I have heard of the device. My friend and BOTL, Kevin Shahan

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