Cigar Lifestyle – Supin Hapnd in’Da Bronx – A Bronx Tale

This past week, I had the honor of being invited to the private roll out of Chazz Palminteri’s “A Bronx Tale” Cigar, held at La Casa Grande Cigars in Little Italy in the Bronx, NY. This was a special moment for Chazz, who noted that this project is dedicated to his grandfather and all those who have come to the United States to make a better life for themselves and worked hard to be successful.

Chazz is best known for the play and film of the same name that told his Autobiographical story of growing up in Little Italy. In fact, Chazz will tell you, if you liked the movie – go see the Broadway show. Broadway is where it’s at.

I arrived from a delayed flight and an Uber over to the Bronx about an hour before the festivities were about to happen. That gave me time to meet and great some faces I knew and some new ones. All were there to meet Chazz and be the first to get a box of ‘A Bronx Tale’ cigars.

The cigar has been rumored for a while but officially announced in June along with a invite to the first 100 people to purchase a $275.00 ticket to the private event. The ticket got you a signed box of ‘A Bronx Tale’ cigars, awesome Italian food, desert, and open bar and 99 other people and VIPS to mingle with, smoke cigars, and share stories. The event started at 6PM with a red carpet entry way for all attendees and started to filter down around 10:30PM.

Pauly DiSilvio and Chazz Palminteri

The ‘A Bronx Tale’ cigar was blended by Pauly DiSilvio – owner of La Casa Grande Cigars. It is being hand crafted by Epic Cigars – Dean Parsons and distributed by Zander Greg.

The blend is:

  • Wrapper – Cuban seed Ecuador Habano
  • Binder – Dominican
  • Filler – Dominican and Nicaraguan

Pauly DiSilvio stated:

We have been aging these for 3 years and it’s finally time. Distributed by Epic Cigars and blended by me Pauly DiSilvio , this is one of the greatest accomplishments by yours truly. Join the many in The Cigar industry and celebrity guest as we party with Chazz and Friends.”

Stogie Press, Zander Greg, Epic Cigars
The Presentation of ‘A Bronx Tale’
Dean and Pauly

A slide show of the happy recipients of a box of ‘A Bronx Tale’ cigars.

Mr. Palminteri Arrives

The atmosphere in the room reached a crescendo as Chazz Palminteri made his entrance. All eyes turned towards him, and the collective excitement was palpable. With his charismatic presence and unmistakable voice, he commanded the attention of everyone in the vicinity. People quickly formed a line, eager to have their moment with the legendary actor.

As Chazz made his way through the crowd, he greeted each person with a warm smile and a firm handshake. His genuine demeanor made everyone feel special, as if they were the only person in the room. Whether it was a brief exchange of words or a short heartfelt conversation, Chazz took the time to connect with many individuals, leaving a lasting impression on everyone he met.

Throughout the evening, Chazz’s generosity and humility shone through. He graciously posed for countless photos, ensuring that every fan had a cherished snapshot to remember the night by. No request seemed too much for him, and he made sure that each person left with a special memory they would treasure for years to come.

Food and Drink

The event was elevated to another level with an incredible Italian meal catered from Mario’s in Little Italy, Bronx, NY. The tantalizing aroma of freshly cooked pasta, rich tomato sauce, and authentic Italian spices filled the air, whetting everyone’s appetite. Every dish was a culinary masterpiece. The flavors danced on the taste buds, transporting everyone to the streets of Italy with each delicious bite.

To complement the fantastic feast, an open bar was set up, offering a wide array of beverages to suit every preference. From fine Italian wines to refreshing cocktails and beers, the bar catered to the diverse tastes of the attendees.

A Great Closure of Joyous Event

The evening closed with a the sounds of Old Blue Eyes – Frank Sinatra singing New York – New York. Yes If you make there you can make it anywhere… Chazz, Epic Cigars, and Pauly DiSilvio have set their sights on making it everywhere. The next stop will be at this year’s Premium Cigar Association (PCA) Trade Show in Las Vegas, NV starting July 7 -11, 2023. The team will be at the Epic Cigars booth with Chazz so check them out when you are there.

The company told me they expect to start shipping A Bronx Tale to retailers in September 2023.