Cigar News: Stogie Press Top 2020 Cigars Ranked and Stacked

I thought this day would never come, crossing over from 2020 to 2021, but here it is. The bells are ringing, the ball has fallen, and the champagne corks are flying. With that celebration, I would like to unveil the ranked and stacked list of the Top Cigars for 2020 on Stogie Press. It has been a unique year and one I am not sure I would want to repeat. We are still not out of the mess but you can see the light at the end of the long tunnel we walked through together. So let’s kick off 2021 with renewed hope and love for one another. Grab a fine premium cigar and beverage and toast each other, toast those new found Zoom Herf Friends (ZHF) yes I just coined that here and now, as I will toast all my Brothers and Sisters of the Leaf and thank everyone for the friendship that was most needed this past year. I also want to thank the Stogie Press sponsors and supporters, for without you this journey I have been on for 7 years would be a little harder.

I would like to now present to you, the Stogie Press 2020 Top Cigars for each category (Large Company, Medium Company, Small Company).

Small Company

Number 1 – Stallone Nicaragua Cigars Alazán Habano

It was a close race for the Alazán but in the final analysis, it eked out a win against some stiff competition in the field. As part of Stallone Nicaragua’s inaugural line of cigars known as the “Cowboy Series”, the Alazán Habano is an aesthetically pleasing and well constructed cigar that performed flawlessly with a balanced array of flavors and aromas from foot to nub. With an MSRP of $6.80 this is certainly a cigar you should buy a box of and enjoy the pleasure filled journey it offers. Stallone Nicaragua Cigars owner, Tony Barrios should be proud of the work he accomplished, I am looking for what is next to come from the small company. I would also like to note, if I had an award for the best newcomer to the industry this year, it would be Stallone Nicaragua Cigars.

The Rest of the Field

Honorable Mentions

Medium Company

Number 1 – Foundation Cigars The Tabernacle David 

The richly dark and oily wrapper of Foundation Cigars The Tabernacle David is enough to wet your palate with anticipation of the flavorful and burn free journey this short perfecto will take on. Highlighting an aged Connecticut Broadleaf from the company’s farms in the USA, this medium strength cigar is slightly complex and balanced from foot to nub. It is worth every cent of the $12.00 price point. This is the second time Foundation Cigars ranked number 1 on Stogie Press – Awesome job Nick Melillo.

The Rest of the Field

Honorable Mentions

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Large Company

Number 1 – Rocky Patel Grand Reserve Robusto

If you were to pick a cigar to win a long ash contest you may want to grab a Rocky Patel Grand Reserve Robusto. Not only is the construction of this cigar flawless and carrying a super long ash, but it delivered on a plate pleasing array of notes and aromas throughout the Medium – Full strength journey. I have to say, Rocky and his team at Rocky Patel Premium Cigars, hit it out of the ballpark with this spectacular offering. As I noted when I reviewed the cigar – ‘The Rocky Patel Grand Reserve Robusto was by far one of the best cigars I smoked this year. It is a shame that this has been hiding from the US market for two years, though I applaud Rocky Patel for releasing it finally to the US consumer. With all that is going on in 2020, we can’t travel internationally, but we can certainly enjoy this gem of a cigar which started with alluring pre-light aromas and flavors, and just continued to deliver an elegant smoking experience from foot to nub.’

The Rest of the Field

Honorable Mentions

Special Shout-Out to The CiGAR CLoWnS

With 2020 coming to close, I would be remise if I did not give a shout out to the CiGAR CLoWnS Facebook Group. They have spent the year on a shared journey, with cigar enthusiasts, to locate the perfect cigar. That journey will continue through the years to come. If they were actually a cigar brand and blended these cigars themselves, each offering would have made it into the top list. If you are not part of their Facebook group, I highly recommend joining and taking the journey with fellow enthusiasts. You guys are wicked awesome!

Now On To 2021

First, I would like to congratulate all the brands that placed in the Stogie Press Top Cigars for 2020. Even with the crazy year we all had, the premium cigar industry survived, grew, and shipped record numbers of cigars. If there is a shining light from this past year, it would be the many virtual herfs that kept us occupied when we could not relax in a local shop or lounge. I know many consumers have stepped up their purchases as did Stogie Press, in our mission to KEEP THE LIGHTS ON, and I am sure that each and everyone of those small gestures, helped the industry navigate the tough year. I would also like to thank all of the Sponsors and Followers of Stogie Press for without you this is a little harder.

As we turn the page and put this “year of years” behind us, I hope to be back out on the road, visiting shops and lounges, doing what I love. We look forward to a new year for Stogie Press and a new season of Taking It To The Nub. I hope to see many of you at this years events and Vegas trade shows.

Until we meet again, I wish everyone a very happy, safe, and prosperous 2021!

~Boston Jimmie

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