Cigar News: ACE Prime Cigars Expands into Brazil

ACE Prime Cigars has announced they entered into an exclusive distribution partnership with Rafaelle D’Angelo one of the largest cigar importers in Brazil, and Eduardo Llerena Hernandez, cigar distributor and longtime friend of Eradio Pichardo from Cuba.

Rafaelle D’Angelo became one of the largest Cigar importers in the 1990’s when he moved from Italy to Sao Paulo Brazil and had the rights to import Cuban Cigars for over a decade in Brazil. Since 2001 Rafaelle has shifted to mainly import Nicaraguan cigars.

Eduardo makes all of his brands with Tabacalera Pichardo (Syboney, Nativos del Caribe, Llerena) and is one of the oldest clients of Tabacalera Pichardo. Eduardo also distributes to several cigar shops in Brazil,
and owns the traditional “Consulado do Tabaco” a charming cigar shop in the neighborhood of Brooklyn in the city of São Paulo.

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Eduardo and Rafaelle joined forces to distribute Ace Prime cigars in the entire Brazilian territory.

Eradio Pichardo, Master Blender and Co-owner of ACE Prime Cigars and Tabacalera Pichardo noted:

“This partnership took place organically. Eduardo Llerena is a long time friend, since our time in Cuba at Habanos S.A, and one of our factory clients for over 10 years. I also known Rafaelle D’Angelo for many years as well. He has a great reputation and is one of the largest importers in Brazil. Developing this partnership couldn’t be more natural.”

Unlike other markets, in order to import tobacco products in Brazil, the approval by a national regulatory agency is required (which is equivalent to the FDA here). This process started last semester and this month Llerena and Rafaelle obtained the approval to import Ace Prime brands.

Rafaelle D’Angelo – Owner of D’Angelo Importadora added:

“We could not be more satisfied with this partnership. I have known Luciano and Pichardo for over a decade and all the products of Tabacalera Pichardo are known in Brazil for their quality and impeccable construction. Ace Prime is doing an amazing job and the brands are extremely attractive!”

Eduardo Llerena – Cigar Distributor – Owner of Consulado do Tobacco and Distribuidora de Tabacos Eduardo Llerena – (Licensed Ace Prime Importer) exclaimed:

“We just brought in our first batch and sold out in just a few days. These cigars have quality. I’m proud to be part of their history and witness their growth. Their hard work paid off!”

ACE Prime Cigars 2020 noted that it has been a remarkable year, especially including the establishment of a strategic alliance with Crowned Heads, and its expansion into European and South American markets. ACE Prime cigars have also been very well recognized this year through many high-profile reviews and award nominations.

In closing, Luciano Meirelles, Master Blender and Co- owner of ACE Prime Cigars and Tabacalera Pichardo stated:

“We put our soul into everything we produce, and it’s humbling to see the growth and acceptance of these cigars. As 2020 comes to a close, we are truly excited for our growth in the European and South American market as we continue to share our cigars with the world.”

About ACE Prime and Tabacalera Pichardo

ACE Prime Cigars is a vertically integrated business that includes
tobacco farming, fermentation, cigar production, and distribution.