Cigar News: Stogie Press Top 2021 Cigars Ranked and Stacked

Here is hoping that everyone had a happy holiday season and are looking forward to an even better new year. The past year, was just as trying as 2020 and it certainly did not end the way we all were expecting. Being the eternal optimist, I have hope for the new year that things will be getting closer to normal for us. Before we turn the page on 2021, I would like to close out the year with the ranked and stacked – Stogie Press top cigars for 2021.

First allow me to toast all my Brothers and Sisters of the Leaf and thank everyone for the friendship that continued to grow this past year. I was able to get out to a number of events and lounges once March came around. In some ways the year began to feel normal as we shared moments in lounges and shops while enjoying some awesome conversation. In others ways it sucked, as I lost my older brother, my mother-in-law, and two dear friends. If it wasn’t for the friendship in this community of ours, I may have lost it. Remember to be kind and supportive to all.

I also want to thank the Stogie Press sponsors and supporters, for without you this journey I have been on for the past 7 years would be a little harder.

I would like to present to you now, the Stogie Press 2021 Top Cigars for each category (Large Company, Medium Company, Small Company). Please note that there are some in this list that were on the market earlier than 2021 as I did not get to them until 2021. I do allow a sliding window for samples as there are just so many to talk about.

One further note. Many of the top cigars on the list have their origins in Nicaragua but note that the overall Stogie Press 2021 cigar of the year hails from the Dominican Republic. The list also includes cigars from Honduras and the USA. Overall there were some remarkable cigars I sampled in 2021, especially in the small company category where I actually had to go back and smoke some again to decide where they rank against each other. Yea..this job is hard.

So without further ado, here are the Stogie Press Top Cigars for 2021.

Small Company

All Saints Fine Cigars – Saint Francis Colorado Churchill

There were some amazing and scrumptious cigar offerings in the small brand category and any one of them at the top of the list could have been my selection for Small Brand Cigar of the year. Each of these companies worked hard to get their product out, especially in the trying times of a pandemic and supply chain issues. When all was said and the final puff of smoke filled the air, my final analysis told me the All Saints Fine Cigars – Saint Francis Colorado Churchill really was the most memorable in this category for me.

This cigar was a superb journey of complex and balanced flavor with a solid core of cedar that never overpowered the other flavors. I loved how the chocolate nuance that appeared midway morphed into a rich dark chocolate note in the final third and especially enjoyed the short bursts of almond that graced the palate to add a nice balance. The cigar had a fine burn with just a mild wave here and there and never needed a touch-up. This is most certainly a box worthy cigar to add to your rotation and I highly recommend it.

The Rest of the Field

Honorable Mention

Medium Company

Casa Cuevas Patrimonio Robusto Gordo

Overall #1 Cigar of the Year 2021

I am pleased to announce that the Casa Cuevas Patrimonio Robusto Gordo is not only the Stogie Press Medium Company top cigar for 2021 but also the overall top cigar for the year. From the moment I smoked this at the Tobacco Plus Expo (TPE) this year I knew this cigar was special and a true stand out in the large field of cigar offerings. That was only amplified when I received official samples to review.

The Casa Cuevas Patrimonio was a trouble free, error free, pleasing cigar with a pristine burn, long ash, and pleasantly balanced flavors and aromas. Coming in at full body (flavor) and strength (nicotine) this tasty specimen was nothing less than excellent and rightfully named to honor the Patriarch of a 5 generation cigar family. I know if you are a mature and experienced smoker like me you will most certainly enjoy this cigar and if you are one who likes to expand your palate away from the ordinary then grab a box of these. Let me tell you brothers and sisters, this is one of the most elegant enjoyable cigars I have smoked in a long time. I smoked the second sample and paired it with a Dirty Martini which I found to be perfect and the cigar performed just as spectacular.

The Rest Of The Field

Honorable Mention

Large Company

Drew Estate Undercrown 10 Toro

Drew Estate Undercrown 10 Toro

This years large company top cigar for Stogie Press is the Drew Estate Undercrown 10 Toro. In celebration of the brand’s anniversary in 2021, Drew Estate got “All Dekked Out,” a tag line that denotes the Undercrown 10’s elegant packaging and reinforces the pride of the Undercrown’s ten years of excellence. The new, sophisticated packaging is surpassed only by the Undercrown 10’s complex, rich and bold blend of ultra-premium aged tobaccos.

This extremely complex cigar had the burn quality of a Liga Privada but not the strength. This is a medium strength cigar that was flavorful and aromatic from foot to nub and certainly one I would buy more of. I found the flavors to be quite pleasant and well transitioned. I enjoyed the core of natural sweetness throughout the burn that shifted around a supporting cast of flavor characters. This is certainly worth a box buy and all enthusiasts should add this one to their rotation.

The Rest Of The Field

On to 2022

As we turn the page of 2021 and are now in 2022, let me first say, once again, thank you to all who have supported and followed Stogie Press over the past 7 years. It has been an amazing journey and I hope we have brought to you some of the best cigar content on the market. It has been an honor to share my passion with you and I promise there is more to come in 2022.

Look forward to more lounge reviews, event reporting and breaking cigar news. This is all in addition to the most honest cigar reviews. The Taking it to the Nub shows will continue with not only cigar personalities but also guests that are in complimentary businesses to support the culture. There will be more giveaways and I hope more consumer engagement as we progress through the year. I will also have another drop of Boston Jimmie cigars to share early this year. I welcome your input and encourage you to engage with me.

Here’s to a prosperous and happy 2022.

Boston Jimmie