June 5, 2014


  • James Fox and Co. Dublin

    Last week, I took a little time off with my wife to visit Ireland for the first time.  Every year I promise my bride a non-cigar vacation and this was the trip. I will  be talking more about our adventures in future travel articles, but any visit to a place I have never been will

  • Salto de La Estanzuela Waterfall

    At the end of January of this year, I took a little trip to the Nicaraguan cigar mecca, Esteli with my wife Dianne and also Brother of the Leaf, Melvin Bossman Robinson. Yep we were hanging out with Bossman for four days in a country where only my wife Dianne knew the language. We managed

  • Tobacco Seedling

    I have known Diany Perez and Alex Basulto, the wife and husband owners of Yayabo Cigars ever since the 2015 IPCPR. It was at this show, I met such a terrific family from Esteli, Nicaragua. Now almost 3 years later I stood up at their corporate anniversary party and not only called them friends but

  • National Opera - Paris

    Late in August, I had the opportunity to take a 2 week business trip to France and had the pleasure of spending the weekend in Paris, the City of Light. Paris was always on my bucket list as a world city to visit, and it did not displease. Home base was the Le Grand Hotel de

  • Flor de Selva "Grand Pressé"

    I thought it apropos that I bring  one of my Maya Selva cigars on my visit to Paris this past couple of weeks. I chose to smoke this fine specimen of cigar as I enjoyed my weekend off from work while touring the City of Lights. The Flor de Selva Grand Pressé is an extension to the Flor de

  • Mention the word Hispaniola to most Americans they will conjure up visions of Christopher Columbus and his famed landing in the Americas. He named the Island, the 22nd largest in the world, Insula Hispana, meaning “the Spanish Island”.  Since then it has found itself the home of two sovereign nations, Haiti and República Dominicana (Dominican Republic).

  • by Dianne Vita I am of German ancestry. My maternal great grandfather, Balthazar Schmitt emigrated from a tiny town on the border with France in the 1890’s. He left a beautiful mountain village for the hustle and bustle of Bushwick, Brooklyn. His father, Matthias and another brother had already come to the US a few

  • Key West is known as a great party town – Duval Street, the Sunsets, cruise ships arriving three times a week, Sloppy Joe’s, the Hemingway Look-a-Likes and of course, Fantasy Fest over Halloween. The party starts and ends at sun up each dawn – new partiers head out as the previous night’s revelers stumble home.

  • Here I sit in a land far away; from the warm sands of the land of floral in a familiar chair from years ago enjoying an old friend – Don Alejandro In the warmth and comfort of the House of Habano away from the cold winter day The trek over was long and tiresome But

  • I recently had the opportunity to visit the country of Sweden this month and I have to say it was far better than the last time I was there back in the month of January. The weather was warmer and the sun seemed to never want to set. I recall meeting the owner of Royal

  • Now that summer is upon us and all the snow has melted from this past winter, maybe a trip to the northeast is in order. I was on a business trip to my old stomping grounds outside of Boston last month and it reminded me once again how beautiful New England is in the spring

  • I recently took a trip to the land of the rising sun – Japan. I have been there a number of times and now is a perfect time to go if you are able to. The exchange rate is extremely in favor of US visitors meaning hotels, gifts, and meals can be had for a

  •   I do a lot of traveling for my business and sometimes I get the opportunity to checkout a new cigar shop or lounge  when time permits. This past month I was on a trip to Detroit and had to be at a meeting Early Monday morning. I decided to fly up on a Sunday

  • If you have ever been to Downtown Disney in Orlando Florida you may have come across the Sosa cigar shop. This small (660 Sq ft) premium cigar shop has more than 80 brands of cigars, including Auturo Fuente, Padron, Diamond Crown, Imperio Cubano and the much sought-after Fuente Fuente Opus XE. It has been in

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