Cigar Review: Crux Limitada 2019 The Show – Rated 95

At the 2019 Premium Cigar Association (PCA) trade show, Crux Cigars introduced a fresh new look to their packaging that is eye catching on a shelf. Though they did not have any new blends, they did showcase their annual release of their Limitada line. Introduced back in 2015, the Limitada line grew over the years, starting withe PB5 and then adding in 2016, the IPCPR (Show Exclusive). Finally 3 more vitolas, Gunner, Red Line, and the Short Salomone had been added. The IPCPR exclusive was renamed to “The Show” and has been a show exclusive since it was introduced back 2016 until 2020 where it can now be ordered openly by shops since the PCA show was cancelled.

Crux Limitada 2019 The Show

Each vitola uses a Nicaraguan Engañoso wrapper that is exclusive to Crux Cigars and has been in their inventory since the company was founded. Each year only 1,000 boxes of 20 are released to the market.

Today I would like to offer a review of the 2019, Crux Limitada “The Show”.

Crux Limitada 2019 The Show

The Crux Limitada “The Show” has a blend described as:

  • Wrapper – Nicaraguan Engañoso
  • Binder – Connecticut Broadleaf
  • Filler – Five Tobaccos (Undisclosed)
Crux Limitada 2019 The Show

It is expressed in a (5 x 52) box pressed vitola and came packaged in 20-count boxes. It should be noted that the 2020 Crux Limitada “The Show” started shipping this month with an MSRP of $10.99/cigar.

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Pre-Light Examination

The Crux Limitada 2019 “The Show” is a beautifully boxed pressed vitola that has a dark tan color with a light reddish-orange hue and a slight marbling. The cigar has a fine oily sheen, is solid in the hand, and a smooth silky feel to the touch. There a few veins along the barrel but they are nicely pressed as part of the box-pressing.

Like all of the previous Limitadas (show exclusives) and most Crux Cigars, it has what is called a 109 Marblehead cap, which is a nod to the classic Cuban brands. You can also think of it as Belicoso style cap, which is tapered like a torpedo but rounded off instead of a coming to a point.

Crux Limitada 2019 The Show

The cigar is adorned with a single band that uses the company’s new branding. Using a black, gold, and white motif; it has the word CRUX boldly printed in white on the top and LIMITADA printed in gold on the bottom. The band is split between top and bottom so as to expose the wrapper color behind it. A black and gold circle joins the two halves with the initials “LE” printed in the center. It should be noted that all Limitada vitolas uses this band now, whereas in the past, the the bands differed.

Crux Limitada 2019 The Show

As I ran the barrel of the cigar along the nose I picked up a lightly pungent, fermented leaf aroma. The foot gave off notes of butter, fruit, and baking spice.

I sliced the cap straight, about an 1/8 of inch down, and proceeded to give it a some cold draws that offered notes of light earth and a growing peppery spice – especially on the lips.

Once I warmed the foot with my triple flame torch, I drew in the initial puffs of pepper and floral smoke to begin my latest Crux journey. Follow along as I burn the Crux Limitada “The Show” to ash, and meanwhile #GoCruxYourself if you got a Crux Cigars product in your humidor.

Cigar Review Notes

Crux Limitada 2019 The Show
Crux Limitada 2019 The Show
Crux Limitada 2019 The Show
Crux Limitada 2019 The Show
Crux Limitada 2019 The Show
Crux Limitada 2019 The Show
  • Pepper and floral notes greet the palate off the first puff
  • Light grey ash forms on a thick char line
  • Mild sweetness and a touch of cinnamon develop
  • Slight wave evolves
  • Excellent oiling appears above the char line
  • Lemongrass brightens the palate
  • A lingering citrus rests on the palate
  • Ash fell in a nice chunk revealing an off centered burn cone
  • Butter cream and bitter sweet cocoa nuances make for a pleasant transition
  • Strength moves up deep in second third
  • Spice moves in and slowly increases moving into the final
  • Toasted caramel smooths the palate along with a sweet syrupy aroma
  • Medium Strength
  • Total Smoking Time was 1 hour and 30 minutes

Overall, the Crux Limitada 2019 The Show is a cigar I took down to the nub on each sample I enjoyed. This is a cigar that is rich in balanced flavors with pleasant and smooth transitions throughout the burn. I especially enjoyed the lingering citrus note on the palate that kept the profile bright and enjoyable. The burn had just a slight wave and when the ash dropped it had a slightly off-centered burn cone. This is a cigar I enjoy year after year from this small company, a company which has shown great perseverance even in this post FDA era. Even if you can’t find a box of the 2019 vintage, grab the 2020 and you will not be disappointed. I rate this a solid 95.

Point Deductions: (-1) Mild Wave; (-1) Slightly Off-Centered Burn cone

Bonus Points: (+1) Excellent Oiling during the Burn; (+1) Buy a Box; (+1) Consistent across multiple samples

Crux Limitada 2019 The Show