Cigar Review: Amendola Family Cigars Cannoli – Rated 94

Earlier in June, we broke the news that Jeffrey Amendola and his Amendola Family Cigars company was parting ways with Tabacalera G. Kafie y Cia and moving manufacturing to Erik Espinosa’s La Zona factory in Esteli, Nicaragua. The first product planned to be released from this new collaboration was going to be called the Cannoli, which Jeffrey described as:

“a delicious cigar that would be perfect for after dinner with a dessert and cup of Italian espresso.”

Amendola Family Cigars Cannoli

Since that article, I received a couple of the new Cannoli’s from Amendola Family Cigars for the purpose of reviewing on Stogie Press. After smoking through both of them I am hear today to report on my findings.

To start with, I tried my best to persuade Jeffrey to describe the the blend he and Erik chose for this blend. As hard as I tried, the only thing I can tell you is that it uses a San Andres wrapper as the rest is top secret. Well this goes down in the books and another cigar with a special secret sauce.

As far as vitolas, the Amendola Family Cigars Cannoli is expressed in a single 5.5 x 42 box pressed corona packaged in 20-count boxes. The per cigar MSRP is set at $7.99.

I smoked both samples for this review, spread over a week.

Pre-Light Examination

The Amendola Family Cigars Cannoli is wrapped in a lighter than normal San Andres leaf that is more medium brown in color, than the darker hues you may be accustomed to. The wrapper has a light toothy grit to it and is mild on veins. It has a soft box press, solid to the touch, and is nicely finished with a triple cap.

A single band adorns the Cannoli using a silver, black, and red motif. The Amendola Family Cigars logo is presented in the center using silver on a red background. The left side displays the Italian word “Rispetto” (Respect) and the right side “Lealta” (Loyalty). The bottom of the band displays the word “CANNOLI” in silver and red on a black background.

Amendola Family Cigars Cannoli
Amendola Family Cigars Cannoli

Running the Cannoli along the nose (yes that is a a weird optic), I picked up a light musty note off the foot, the barrel had just a mild toasty bread note to it.

Using my double blade cutter, I sliced the cap straight, as I always do for a review, and gave the Cannoli a few cold puffs that offered fine mild peppery spice and earth note. A few more cold puffs and I detected a hint of sweetness.

A dual flame torch worked fine for warming the foot as I drew in the first puffs of sweetness along with a pepper burn on the nose, which opened the nasals for the journey I was about to go on. Follow along as I burn the Amendola Family Cigars Cannoli to ash.

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Cigar Review Notes

Amendola Family Cigars Cannoli
Amendola Family Cigars Cannoli
Amendola Family Cigars Cannoli
Amendola Family Cigars Cannoli
Amendola Family Cigars Cannoli
Amendola Family Cigars Cannoli
  • Natural tobacco sweetness starts the journey
  • Pepper notes awaken the nasals on the retro-hale
  • Full thick and creamy puffs of smoke
  • White ash forms on a medium – thick char line
  • Coffee notes join the profile
  • Sweet cream adds to the mix
  • There is a light orange nuance that adds to the pleasure
  • Syrupy aroma wafts off the foot
  • Slight wave in burn forms
  • Ash fell after a decent burn revealing a nice burn cone
  • Earthy notes enter that morph into a delectable dark chocolate sensation, midway through the journey
  • A growing spice note appears near the final that reveals itself as allspice
  • Flavors mute down a notch with a lingering touch of sweetness to finish
  • Mild to Medium in Strength
  • Total Smoking Time was 1 hour and 30 minutes

Overall, the Amendola Family Cigars Cannoli was very much as described – a perfect after dinner smoke that I would say pairs perfectly with a cup of Italian espresso. The flavor notes were well balanced and pleasing from foot to nub. Jeffrey and Erik nailed this blend and I still would like to know what the binder and filler were, though I hear it is Nicaraguan. It was well constructed with just a mild wave in the burn and slight off burn deep in the second third. Should you buy a box of these? Hell yea – and not just because they’re only 8 bucks, but because it is a fine cigar you can enjoy anytime of the day. I rate this a solid 94.

Point Deductions: (-1) Wave in Burn; (-1) Slight Off-Burn Deep in Second Third

Bonus Points: (+1) Buy a Box; (+1) Positive experience through multiple samples

Amendola Family Cigars Cannoli

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