Cigar News: Amendola Family Cigars Moves to New Factories

Durham, NC based Amendola Family Cigar Company has made the decision to move manufacturing operations away from Tabacalera G. Kafie y Cia to Erik Espinosa’s La Zona factory in Esteli, Nicaragua and possibly also Aganorsa Leaf. Amendola has been with Tabacalera G. Kafie y Cia since July of 2018.

Jeffrey Amendola, founder and president, Amendola Family Cigars explained the decision to Stogie Press:

The main reason is I felt it was time to scale up a little bit. I love Gaby Kafie, however we had some quality control issues and I needed to be with factories that see my long term vision and allow me the freedom to create.

The company just completed a pre-release of their latest project with La Zona, known as the “Cannoli“. It is described as a delicious cigar that would be perfect for after dinner with a dessert and cup of Italian espresso. Think notes like cream, chocolate, orange, and all spice. The company has partnered with Privada Cigar Club and Stogie Bird to distribute the Cannoli as they are released in August.

In addition to the new Cannoli cigar, Jeffrey noted that La Zona will be making the company’s complete Signature Line of cigars. They have also been working with Aganorsa Leaf and are currently waiting on sample blends of the Amendola Family Cigars “core line”. All expectation is that Aganorsa Leaf will be producing the company’s Core Line in the future.

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