La Zona Palooza 2023: Mi Familia – Tu Familia – Nuestra Familia

Once again, Espinosa Premium cigars took a long weekend out their busy schedule and gave it to their most influential and loyal customers. This year’s “Invitation Only” festival of family and cigars took place November 2 – 4 at the Espinosa Premium Cigars warehouse and offices in Hialeah Gardens, Florida. It, like past festivals was an amazing gathering of all things Espinosa. Of course, there were multiple generations of the Espinosa family in attendance, but that was only enhanced by the year over year gathering of fans of the brand.

How Can I Go?

You may ask – How does one get invited to La Zona Palooza? Well, my friends of the leaf, that is easy. You just need to post pics, memes, and posts of your favorite Espinosa Premium Cigar products. Tag them with one or more of these hashtags #EspinosaEveryDay, #EspinosaCigars, #EspinosaPremiumCigars. The Master of Bro’s – Erik Espinosa and his team monitor these posts all year and they know who is posting and talking about the brand and those fans are rewarded with a fabulous weekend of cigars, food, drink, and Espinosa fellowship. They also invite media, industry friends, and retailers. Each time you attend you feel more and more like it is just a family reunion.

Days 1 and 2

The whole shebang started on Thursday November 2nd as people from all over the country started to roll into town. There are estimates that there were over 150 attendees at this year’s event, which may make it one, if not the largest, La Zona Palooza festivals since they started them in 2016. The first two days are gatherings at the company’s warehouse that is decked out with tables and chairs and an outside tented area with chairs, couches, and tables. The event starts in the morning and runs way past sunset on the first two days. There is music, amazing Cuban coffee shots, an open bar, crazy good food all day including the likes of Philly Cheese Steak Sandwiches, Paella, Pulled Pork with Yuca and Cuban Rice. There was even Cuban Pastries on the morning of day 2 and the obligatory Ice Cream truck just in case you have not ate a sufficient filling of carbs.

The La Zona Palooza Gala

The last day is reserved for the annual La Zona Palooza gala held at the Hialeah Gardens Botanical Gardens – a truly beautiful place for an event of any kind. This event starts in the evening just before sunset so you have the whole day to explore the Miami area with your companions. Most people spend the day visiting local cigar lounges that carry Espinosa products and just keep it smokey while some may venture to South Beach, Wynward, or various AirBnB’s that folks have rented.

A matte black classic Ford Torino Cobra Jet was parked at the entrance to the gala. Bro! That is a bad ass car for a wicked awesome event. Once you entered you got a sample pack of Espinosa cigars, and the fun began. There was a D.J. and also a Live Band replete with a horn section. I have to say one of the best sites was the police car BBQ pit. That’s right, they were roasting hogs and turkey in the trunk and under the hood of a Hialeah Gardens Police car. This is just too funny!!

The Happy Smiling Faces of La Familia

Even Losers Can Attend

Yea, the Yankees and Red Sox ended up in the gutter this year, we are the grand losers of baseball in 2023 but we still got to enjoy La Zona Palooza 2023. Who says Red Sox and Yankee fans don’t get along? Cigars bring us all together!!

In Summary

Overall, this year’s La Zona Palooza was an action packed and fun filled long weekend in South Florida engaging with old and new friends. Erik and his team once again showed why they are one of the best brands on the market and his love for his consumer base shined through. Remember, if you want to be part of the 2024 event, get out there and post Espinosa every day and you too may be invited to the event. Thank You Erik and Espinosa Premium Cigars for a relaxing 3 days – My Family is Your Family is Our Family. (Mi Familia – Tu Familia – Nuestra Familia)