The Drew Estate Savage Feast: 25+ Years of Gratitude – Family – Hospitality

In case you don’t want to labor through this article, and you want to cut right to the chase, here is a little video collage I put together that captures the spirit and comradery at Drew Estate’s 2022 Barn Smoker Capstone event – THE SAVAGE FEAST that took place at the South Fork Ranch in Parker, Texas – October 21 – 22.

Savage Feast by DREW ESTATE

Ok, for the rest of you folks, that wish to see and read more, I only have a few words to say about the Savage Feast, and I will make it short so you can get on with trying to find yourself in the photo galleries that follow. If you click any photo it will open in your browser.

  1. The Savage Feast was the largest, single cigar company event with over 600 Drew Estate Fans ready to puff cigars, indulge in libations, and pig out (pun intended) for 2 solid days.
  2. The live band Pop Rocks was awesome, playing a cornucopia of tunes and switching costumes
  3. The swag at the Friday preparty was the same as other Barn Smoker Pre-parties. There are no complaints from me and there will be holiday raffles for Stogie Press subscribers for much of that – so stay tuned to those weekend newsletters.
  4. There was also the standard fair of activities – JD on stage telling the story of the company along with Pedro and Jack, plus DJ Eli spinning tunes. There were free gambling tables (but only Blackjack and Roulette), Cigars for Warriors Raffles (There were more give aways at this event).
  5. The Main Event, during the day on Saturday was just as much fun as the pre-party and it was hours longer with plenty of tasty BBQ samplings, 2 barbers if you needed a cut or trim, activation booths where you got even more cigars, lots of wind (the entry was delayed for about 15 minutes so they could take down the large tents that were blowing away), plenty of table seating in the sun and under the big tent.
  6. The Evening Feast was sick, crazy, good and filled with food, drink, even more swag (did you see those goblets?), a guitar player/singer serenaded the 600 plus hungry fans to classic rock and roll and folk songs, DJ Eli spun the tunes after dinner, there were 2 top chef awards – judges panel award and people’s choice. The Judges Top Chef was awarded to Chef Brian Duffy (Holy City Hogs) who got $7,500 and declared he is donating it all to his Autism charity. The people’s choice was based on applause, because one of the ballot boxes was stolen. The winner, Karl Hayden (Hate Mondays Tavern) received a check for $2,500.
  7. There were ample samples of Blackened Whiskey (the Metallica blend) to pair with that Blackened M81 cigar we all got.
  8. The event also raised $100,000 dollars for Cigars for Warriors

I rate the Savage Feast a 10/10

Some may argue with me, I already heard the complaints about this or that which could have been better, but damn folks, this was the largest, single company cigar event held. It was a first of its kind for the size and the Drew Estate employees and volunteers, chefs, bartenders, band, DJ, and service help did an awesome job. It was truly a Savage Feast! Show me some other company that does something on this scale! I know I left satisfied, gained 6 lbs., which I have lost 4 as of this writing. If you missed this you missed the event of the year, especially if you are a Drew Estate fan.

Now have fun finding your photo and seeing all the fun.


Main Event