Don Kiki Cigar Superstore

Don Kiki Cigar Superstore – A Daytona Beach Destination

I drive up and down I-95 on Florida’s east coast on a regular basis, going from Melbourne to Jacksonville to visit my grandchildren. Every time I make the trip I tell myself,I need to stop over at Don Kiki’s in Daytona Beach.This past Sunday, I finally made it happen and I am glad I did.[…]

Don Kiki White Label Harvest of 2013

Don Kiki White Label Harvest of 2013 – Rough Cut Cigar Review

Karen Berger from Don Kiki  cigars has been a noticeable face of the company on social media lately. She has been promoting her famous shop in Daytona Beach, FL and many of the new blends they have introduced. The other month we  reviewed the”K “ and it made me a follower of Karen and Don Kiki[…]