Eiroa The First 20 Years Colorado

Eiroa The First 20 Years Colorado Cigar Review- Health Love Fortune

Last year we reviewed a new cigar from CLE Cigars and Christian Eiroa known as the The First 20 years. It was a cigar that was blended by his father as celebration of Christian’s 20 years in the business. This year, Christian doubled down at the 2017 IPCPR and released a 2nd variety of The First[…]

Hiram & Solomon Traveling Man

Hiram Solomon Traveling Man Cigar Review – A Second Take

As we noted in previous articles on Hiram & Solomon, they moved operations to the Plasencia factory in Nicaragua this year and worked with Master Blender David Blanco from Blanco Cigars to update the blend. That move has been paying pretty big dividends for the company as the cost of production has decreased and that[…]

Potter Maduro Lancero

Potter Maduro Lancero Cigar Review – Fascination Becomes Reality

Potter Cigars has been around for a few years, but in 2017 they upped their game at the IPCPR introducing new blends and vitolas. One of those introductions is the  Potter Maduro Lancero Cigar which is the topic of today’s review. Potter Cigars owner, David Potter notes on his website: “I felt very fascinated about cigars[…]

Quesada 70th Anniversary

Quesada 70th Anniversary Cigar Review – A tribute to Manolo Quesada

Officially announced at the 2017 Pro Cigar festival in the Dominican Republic, the Quesada 70th Anniversary cigar is tribute to Manuel “Manolo” Quesada Jr., who celebrated his 70th birthday this past April. This particular Anniversary cigar was blended by the master himself and features some of the finest tobacco in the Quesada arsenal. Though the[…]

Black Chazaro Black

Black Chazaro Black Cigar Review – Viva la Mexico

Late last month I introduced you to the Black Chazaro cigar brand by way of the review of their Black Chazaro Habano cigar introduction. Today I have the pleasure of reviewing the second cigar in their line up – the Black Chazaro Black. This cigar is a 100% Mexican San Andres puro. The complete blend is[…]

Balmoral XO

Royal Agio Balmoral Anjeo XO Masivo Cigar Review – Family Tradition

According to the Royal Agio Cigars website: “In 1904 Jacques Wintermans borrowed 200 Dutch guilders from his father to set up a small company. He named the business A.Wintermans & Sons. From 1950 onwards the company was known as Agio Cigars. The village of Duizel in Brabant at the heart of the historic cigar-producing region in[…]

Crux 2017 Limitada PB5

Crux 2017 PB5 Limitada Cigar Review – 12 Years in the Making

Twelve Years! That is what we are talking about today. The Crux 2017 Limitada PB5 uses a Engañoso wrapper that what sourced in 2012 and was aged 7 years before the company got it. So simple math (no calculus involved) will equal 12 years that this wrapper has been aging for this 3rd release, of[…]

Yayabo The Admiral

Yayabo Admiral Cigar Review – Ride the Wave

Back in  2015 we had the pleasure of introducing our readers to a new cigar brand – Yayabo Cigars. This was a brand unheard of by my readers and most of the cigar community. Their inaugural cigar made our top 25 boutique cigar list for that year. In 2016, the company propelled itself and delivered[…]

HVC Cerro Maduro

HVC Cerro Maduro Cigar Review – A Savory Delight

Ever since the beginning of time (that would be 2011 for HVC cigars), the Cerro line has been around. It was one of the lines that they originally launched the company with. Now the line is getting a dark sibling, the HVC Cerro Maduro. Announced at this years IPCPR, the Cerro Maduro takes the original[…]

Gomez Sanchez 1RA Generacion Leyenda 1

Micallef Gomez Sanchez 1RA Generacion Leyenda 1 Cigar Review

Today I would like to offer a review on another Micallef Cigars and Gomez Sanchez collaboration – the Gomez Sanchez 1RA Generacion Leyenda 1. It was part of the overall collection presented by Micallef Cigars at t his years IPCPR. You can read the story of Micallef Cigars and their relation to the famed Gomez[…]

Crux Epicure

The Crux Epicure Cigar Review – Patience Grasshopper Patience

Hello to all you Crux Cigar fans out there. By now you should be starting to get your hands on the new Crux Epicure cigar and I can assure you it is a quite the smoking experience. I have personally enjoyed a handful of these delectable cigars and have shared some with friends of mine.[…]

Alec Bradley Black Market Esteli

Alec Bradley Black Market Esteli Cigar Review

A Review of the Alec Bradley Black Market Esteli By Zach Riley This will be the final Alec Bradley I review for a while. This is the last of their new cigars that came out this year, and I’ve heard wonderful things about it from friends at my local brick and mortar, Cigar Room Shoals,[…]

Black Chazaro Habana

Black Chazaro Habana Cigar Review – A Dream Kept Alive

Here is a brand a good many of you may not have heard of – Black Chazaro. This is a truly artisanal company  that prides itself on quality and lot of patience, care and passion. Based out Queretaro, Mexico the brand goes back about 18 years ago when the family had a tobacco shop and the Chazaro brand of[…]

Hit and Run Cigar

Caldwell Booth Hit and Run Cigar Review – A Fine Collaboration

The phrase Hit and Run can refer to a number of things. If you are a baseball fan like me, it refers to a high risk and high reward strategy where the defending infielders are placed out of position to make a play. The term also refers to a car accident where the “at fault”[…]