La Palina Classic Connecticut

La Palina Classic Connecticut Cigar Review

Turn the clock back – way back – all  the way to the 1800s. That is when the La Palina Classic was introduced by Sam Paley. Well it may not have been called the Classic but that is how long ago the first La Palina cigar was created. Sam Paley the grandfather of Bill Paley[…]

Ventura Cigars Case Study CS04

Ventura Cigars Case Study CS04 Limited Edition Cigar Review

If you are familiar with Hammer and Sickle Cigars, Davidoff, or even Henke Kelner then you know the Occidental Cigar Factory in the Dominican Republic. The cigar factory is Henke Kelner’s factory, the father of the Premium Cigar Industry. So it only makes sense that when the Ventura Cigar Company was looking for factories to[…]

2012 by Oscar Rebirth Connecticut

2012 by Oscar Rebirth Connecticut Cigar Review – Get Your Day Started

Back in July of 2017 we reviewed one of the three Oscar Valladares “2012 Rebirth Edition Blends” that were introduced at the 2017 IPCPR. That review was of the 2012 Maduro, and not only was it a fine cigar it also received  an Honorable Mention in this year’s top 25 Boutique Cigar  list on Stogie Press.[…]

Winston Churchill The Late Hour

Davidoff Winston Churchill The Late Hour Cigar Review

If you go to the Davidoff website you will read about their 2017 introduction – Winston Churchill The Late Hour: “Sir Winston Churchill was not a man to follow convention. When most people were thinking of their beds, Sir Winston found inspiration and creativity in the long dark hours of the night. The dark was where he found his[…]

DBL Amarillo

DBL Amarillo Cigar Review – Fine as cream gravy

It has been a little while since I spoke about Dominican Big Leaguer (DBL) cigars, so today I would like to introduce you to the latest creation the company introduced at the 2017 IPCPR. Known as the Amarillo, it is the first release by the company that uses a true US Connecticut wrapper. The DBL websites describes[…]

Casa Cuevas Connecticut

Casa Cuevas Connecticut Cigar Review – A Flavorful Conny

Back in August, I introduced you to Luis Cuevas, a 4th generation cigar man and owner of Tabacalera Las Lavas, S.R.L. in the Dominican Republic. At that time we reviewed  Luis’ own brand, Casa Cuevas Cigars – specifically the Maduro blend.  Today we are going blonde and will be reviewing the Casa Cuevas Connecticut which[…]

Seven Seven Maduro

Seven Seven Maduro Cigar Review – Do you Feel Lucky ?

Seven Seven cigars is probably a brand that is new to you and rightfully so since they have been only in existence since 2016, ut as we know in the cigar business, it is not how long you have been around but who you work with in the industry that can make a difference. In[…]

2017 Top 25 Boutique Cigars Candidates 16 – 20

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE December 26, 2017 We hope everyone had a splendid Christmas break and now that Christmas is behind us, it is time to announce the next 5 candidates for the Stogie Press 2017 Top 25 Boutique Cigars. Before we get into it, and you scream back, we have included the Villiger Flor de[…]

2017 Espinosa Murcielago

2017 Espinosa Murcielago Cigar Review – The Bat Flies High!

I have been saying all year how much A.J. Fernandez has been influential to the cigar industry this year with the many collaborations he has forged with big box brands and small boutique cigar companies alike. Today I would like to talk about another one of these fine collaborations, the 2017 Espinosa Murcielago. The cigar[…]

Eiroa The First 20 Years Colorado

Eiroa The First 20 Years Colorado Cigar Review- Health Love Fortune

Last year we reviewed a new cigar from CLE Cigars and Christian Eiroa known as the The First 20 years. It was a cigar that was blended by his father as celebration of Christian’s 20 years in the business. This year, Christian doubled down at the 2017 IPCPR and released a 2nd variety of The First[…]

Hiram & Solomon Traveling Man

Hiram Solomon Traveling Man Cigar Review – A Second Take

As we noted in previous articles on Hiram & Solomon, they moved operations to the Plasencia factory in Nicaragua this year and worked with Master Blender David Blanco from Blanco Cigars to update the blend. That move has been paying pretty big dividends for the company as the cost of production has decreased and that[…]

Potter Maduro Lancero

Potter Maduro Lancero Cigar Review – Fascination Becomes Reality

Potter Cigars has been around for a few years, but in 2017 they upped their game at the IPCPR introducing new blends and vitolas. One of those introductions is the  Potter Maduro Lancero Cigar which is the topic of today’s review. Potter Cigars owner, David Potter notes on his website: “I felt very fascinated about cigars[…]

Quesada 70th Anniversary

Quesada 70th Anniversary Cigar Review – A tribute to Manolo Quesada

Officially announced at the 2017 Pro Cigar festival in the Dominican Republic, the Quesada 70th Anniversary cigar is tribute to Manuel “Manolo” Quesada Jr., who celebrated his 70th birthday this past April. This particular Anniversary cigar was blended by the master himself and features some of the finest tobacco in the Quesada arsenal. Though the[…]

Black Chazaro Black

Black Chazaro Black Cigar Review – Viva la Mexico

Late last month I introduced you to the Black Chazaro cigar brand by way of the review of their Black Chazaro Habano cigar introduction. Today I have the pleasure of reviewing the second cigar in their line up – the Black Chazaro Black. This cigar is a 100% Mexican San Andres puro. The complete blend is[…]