DBL Amarillo Cigar Review – Fine as cream gravy – Rated 93

It has been a little while since I spoke about Dominican Big Leaguer (DBL) cigars, so today I would like to introduce you to the latest creation the company introduced at the 2017 IPCPR. Known as the Amarillo, it is the first release by the company that uses a true US Connecticut wrapper.

The DBL websites describes the Amarillo as:

“…one of the most flavorful Connecticut-wrapped cigars on the market. It offers a smooth, mild smoking experience that is full of delicious flavors. Its elegant, natural-colored USA Connecticut wrapper shrouds a Dominican binder and Dominican filler harvested from our farm.”

When I see the name Amarillo, it conjures up vision of the Yellow Rose of Texas, the city of Amarillo, but there is more to the name. You see the word Amarillo in Spanish means yellow, and Amarillo, Texas was named for the yellow wild flowers that grew off the banks of the Amarillo Lake and Amarillo Creek which have a yellow soil. When it comes to the cigar, it is aptly named because of the golden-yellow Connecticut wrapper used on this gem of a cigar. But I like the reference to Texas also.

The DBL Amarillo blend is described as:

  • Wrapper – Connecticut (USA)
  • Binder – Dominican Republic
  • Filler – Dominican Republic

The DBL Amarillo is available in 2 popular vitolas and come packaged in beautiful 20-count Boxes.

  • Robusto (5 x 52) — MSRP $6.00
  • Toro (5 7/8 x 56) — MSRP $6.60
DBL Amarillo

The DBL  Amarillo

Pre-Light Examination

The DBL Cigar Amarillo is well crafted cigar with a gleaming, golden tan wrapper that is practically vein-less and has a silky feel to it. There are a few bumps as you run you finger along the barrel. The Amarillo is finished with a triple cap (actually this could be a quad cap – counting the lines).  The cigar is heavy in the hand and well packed.

The company chose to adorn the Amarillo with two bands. The primary band is the same as that on their DBL Derrame II cigar while the footer band declares it as the Amarillo.

DBL Amarillo

If you are familiar with DBL cigars, there is no doubt that the Amarillo is made by Francisco Almonte, with its signature pre-light aromas of raisin, currant, and cinnamon of the foot and sweet raisin along the barrel. It like all DBL cigars are aromatic even before you fire them up.

As I was fixin’ to fire up the Amarillo I sliced the cap with my double blade Zikar cutter and proceeded to give this blonde a few good cold puffs. Well balanced notes of raisin and currant fruit along with cinnamon spice graced the palate.

Well, this ain’t Francisco’s first rodeo and he’s got plenty of notches on his gun when it come to crafting cigars. So let’s take this what the DBL Amarillo has to offer.

Cigar Review Notes

DBL Amarillo
DBL Amarillo
DBL Amarillo
DBL Amarillo
DBL Amarillo
DBL Amarillo
DBL Amarillo
DBL Amarillo
DBL Amarillo
DBL Amarillo
DBL Amarillo
DBL Amarillo
DBL Amarillo
DBL Amarillo
  • Early puffs are heavy on cinnamon spice – cleaning the nasals –  so strong it makes Samson look sensitive
  • Spice tones down quickly leading to a smooth buttery note
  • Medium grey ash develops along with a surprisingly thick char line
  • Butter builds on the palate
  • Ash fell after an inch and half with a flat and fairly centered burn cone m
  • Sweetness enters and balances out the spice
  • Caramel aroma
  • Nice oily sheen is building on the wrapper
  • Currant notes join the profile midway
  • Butter becomes more salty
  • Flavors are really starting to kick in at this point
  • Cinnamon Spice moves in and out eventually becoming more pronounced moving into final third
  • Ash is holding tight
  • Moving towards the final there are delectable chocolate notes
  • Aroma shifts to maple syrup near the end
  • Mild in strength yet bold in flavor
  • Total Smoking Time was 1 hour and 35 minutes to the nub

Overall, the DBL Amarillo was a break from the previous stronger blends that DBL has offered. It is a welcome addition to the full production lineup for the company. This is an outstanding cigar especially when the flavors amped up in the second half. The DBL Amarillo is a perfect cigar to start the day with a morning cup of coffee. The price point of the Amarillo makes this an easy purchase. I rate this a 93 and you may want to pick up a five pack of these.

Point Deductions: (-1) Wave in Burn; (-1) Medium Grey Ash; (-1) Flat Burn Cone

DBL Amarillo
DBL Amarillo

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