Cigar Review: HR Cigars Ilegal Tobaco Habano Toro – Rated 95

I had my first Vegas Robaina cigar over ten years ago when I was living in Nuremberg, Germany. It was my last day of the last week there and I wanted to smoke a great Cuban cigar. The tobacconist in the Casa del Habanos house in the city, got to know me well over the Read more about Cigar Review: HR Cigars Ilegal Tobaco Habano Toro – Rated 95[…]

An Ode to Nuremberg

Here I sit in a land far away; from the warm sands of the land of floral in a familiar chair from years ago enjoying an old friend – Don Alejandro In the warmth and comfort of the House of Habano away from the cold winter day The trek over was long and tiresome But Read more about An Ode to Nuremberg[…]

Cohiba Behike 52

Cuban Cigars – The Forbidden Fruit

There has been plenty of excitement in the cigar world here in the USA ever since our Government decided to mend relationships with Cuba. If all goes according to plan you will soon be able to travel there freely and indulge in the forbidden fruit – Cuban Cigars. Of course these cigars will also be Read more about Cuban Cigars – The Forbidden Fruit[…]