Litto Gomez Diez Vintage 2015 Chisel Cigar Review

Earlier this year I spent a month in Germany enjoying the country and the people from Nuremberg to the mountains on the french border. Yes it was cold and many nights it was hard to enjoy a good cigar. When I had time after work I would find myself in the Casa Del Habanos shop Read more about Litto Gomez Diez Vintage 2015 Chisel Cigar Review[…]

La Casa del Habano – Nuremberg Germany

February was a busy month for me. I took a small hiatus from the intense writing we do here at Stogie Press as I had to travel over to Germany for business and spent most of the month there in the frigid cold trying to find ways to enjoy my cigar stash after work. I Read more about La Casa del Habano – Nuremberg Germany[…]

Ashton Symmetry Cigar Review

Now that I am in the frigid part of Europe – Nuremberg Germany – I have some time to pen some more reviews. Today I would like to discuss the Ashton Symmetry which my good friends from Famous Smoke Shop sent me last month. I have enjoyed this cigar in both the Robusto and Sublime vitolas and find Read more about Ashton Symmetry Cigar Review[…]

An Ode to Nuremberg

Here I sit in a land far away; from the warm sands of the land of floral in a familiar chair from years ago enjoying an old friend – Don Alejandro In the warmth and comfort of the House of Habano away from the cold winter day The trek over was long and tiresome But Read more about An Ode to Nuremberg[…]