1502 Cigars Announces European Market Expansion

I do a lot of international travel in my business and have spent many visits to Europe including places like Germany, France, Sweden,  England,  and Belgium. Whenever I was there I would find a local  cigar shop to relax after work. I noticed over the years  the desire for other than Cuban cigars has grown and based on the reports I am reading from  InterTabac 2017 that demand is just getting bigger.  With all the FDA regulations looming over the US cigar market, many of our favorite brands are turning to the European and Asian market to ply their craft. Who knows, we may just have to buy online from these markets to get new blends but that story is yet to be told.

Today 1502 Cigars announced in press release that they are one of the latest brands to expand into the European Market.

1502 Cigars

In the release, the company announced that European market expansion will be directed by Peter Gaudenzi. 1502 Cigars notes that through Peter’s experience, reputation, and devotion, 1502 Cigars will become a keystone of the European cigar community

“I am really glad and looking forward to being able to finally make the cigars of 1502 available for the passionate European cigar smokers.”
– Peter Gaudenzi, Director of European Development

“Peter’s leadership and enthusiasm in bringing 1502 Cigars to the European market continues an extremely successful and busy year for us here at 1502.”
– Enrique Sanchez, CEO and Founder

The press release notes that 1502 Cigars has experienced exponential growth throughout North American market and they view the expansion to Europe as a natural extension of their overall growth.

The company has introduced a Churchill vitola of the XO cigar and the response they received has exceeded  expectations.

In order to meet the expanding demand for 1502 cigars, North American distribution operations has been moved to 3R Cigars. This partnership has already paid dividends by ensuring that our cigars can reach our customers across North America while increasing service to our retailer accounts.

!502 Cigars was the first to file a lawsuit against the FDA  which has contributed to the FDA’s backing-down on their over-reach into premium cigars. The company notes they are committed to defending smoker’s rights to bring their cigars to their extended family.

In closing, the press release thanks all the ongoing support of 1502 Cigars noting that it’s been an extraordinary year so far, and the best is yet to come.