Boutique Blends La Boheme Mimi – Cigar Review

It is said that good things come in small packages and that is all  but  true with the new Boutique Blends La Bohéme Mimi cigar. This small corona 3.5 x 46, is not to be taken lightly.  Boutique Blends known for the brands Aging Room and Swag  released the La Bohéme at this years IPCPR.
The name La Bohéme comes from master blender and Boutique Blends President Rafael Nodal’s favorite opera composed by Giacomo Puccini in 1895.  Nodal’s love of the opera is evident not only in the name but represented in the ornate band and box decoration along with the names of each Vitola. The names of which represent the characters in the opera itself.
The four Vitolas in the La Bohéme line are:
  • Mimi: 3 1/2 x 46
  • Pittore: 5 1/8 x 52
  • Poeta: 5 3/4 x 54
  • Musico: 6 1/4 x 60

The La Bohéme  is produced at Jochi Blanco’s Tabacalera La Palma in the Dominican Republic and is constructed of Dominican filler and  binder wrapped with an Ecuadorian Habano leaf.  As you will read this is definitely a medium to full body cigar.

For this review I chose the Mimi 3.5x 46 on the recommendation of my friend Brook who is the owner of Paradise Cigarz in Rockledge FL At first glance I smiled and said – “This is a small cigar Brook.”

La Bohéme Mimi

But he assured me, I of all people, would be delighted with it. I always trust my cigar shop owners and this was no exception. I took him up on the offer and settled in at the bar, and examined the  La Bohéme. It was a very well constructed cigar packed tight with no soft spots. The wrapper was medium brown in color with very faint veins and tight seams with just a slight oily sheen to it.
I carefully clipped the head with a double blade cutter and gave it a dry draw. The draw was perfect and there were hints of sweet tobacco and a touch of pepper, very much like red pepper spice. I fired it up using a single flame lighter so as not to overburn or scorch the foot. Taking in the first few puffs I was hit with a fast shot of nasal cleansing pepper. I guess I should have expected that since I tasted that red pepper on the dry draw.
The pepper in  the La Bohéme  mellowed after about a half-inch of the tight greyish white ash. The burn line was awesome. As it mellowed there was a pleasant note of cedar coming through  that moved into a nutty undertone. The smoke was full and flavorful. The wrapper developed a more impressive oily sheen as it burned down.  Getting close to the half way point, there was a floral scent developing off the foot that stayed for  a few puffs.. So far this has been a very well-balanced stick.
Closing in on the final inch or so, which for most cigars would be the nub, there was a new entry of pepper that was hitting me in the back of the throat. This stayed for as long as I could hold it between my fingers.
The  La Bohéme Mimi could be described as a spice bomb. especially for the size that it is. I am going to have to sample some of the other Vitolas in the  La Bohéme line. This is a welcome addition to the Boutique Blends line of cigars and it is clear why the company has been getting rave reviews over the past few years.

La Bohéme Mimi

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  • I was fortunate enough to smoke one this weekend and I can’t agree more. The cigar was given to me by one of the Aging Room reps in town visiting and I’m not sure what size Vitola I had. All I know is that it was great. I agree completely with your review. From the cedar and pepper all the way to the floral smoke. What a great cigar.

  • I knew you would love it Jimmy! I remember watching you enjoy it! I have recommended that to many of our customers at Paradise Cigars, they have all come back smiling for more:)

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