Bill Bromley Butter – Cigar Review

A review of the Bill Bromley “Butter” Cigar

bill bromley

Bill Bromley

 At this years IPCPR I was fortunate to speak to many of the movers and shakers in our industry. I also spent some quality time with some of the not so famous , that is for now,   boutique companies. One of these companies is Bill Bromley Cigars, I know , who is Bill Bromley? Well before I review this stick let me introduce you to this up and coming manufacturer of ultra premium boutique cigars.

Bill Bromley cigars are based out of Riverside California, I know one of the most tobacco unfriendly states in the union, but that did not stop Bill Bromley from following his dream and passion to create a new line of cigars. When I asked him about the that, he stated “Hey, it is a big state  and there are still a lot of people who enjoy cigars here.”

As explained to me and noted on their website, Bill Bromley Cigars is: An Ultra Boutique Cigar Label with focus on creating the highest quality cigars. We manufacture and distribute our cigars with the customer in mind!

Making cigars fun, socially friendly and educational is what we have set out to do. Journey with us while we take you on a cigar ride that will tantalize all your cigar expectations

Now 37, Bill explained he would take cigar breaks while working on construction sites in his early twenties. As his love of the leaf  grew, he decided he wanted to get into the business itself, and in 2006 took over the operation of the Mission Tobacco Lounge (MTL). Speed up the film a few years and in 2010 he doubled down and created his own cigar brand and entered into a partnership with the Oscar Valladares factory in Danli Honduras . There is much more to this story but we will leave that for a feature article in a later issue of Stogie Press

Besides creating cigars and running the MTL, Bill is also using his creative mind to please the cigar lover in other ways like his  latest creation, The Cigar Box Ash Tray. Quite a clever idea Bill. It was  hit at the show.

Now let’s talk about the “Butter”.

Bill Bromley named this cigar based on the flavor profile and he hit it dead center. The Bill Bromley Butter is a fine morning cigar that would go perfect with that morning coffee and bagel.

It has a sweet buttery pre-light draw just like the label states.  The medium brown, veinless Sumatra wrapper encases Nicaraguan, Honduran, and Panama fillers with a Honduran binder. They are manufactured at the Oscar Valladares factory in Danli Honduras and blended by Bill Bromley and and Bayron Duarte.

As I fired this stogie up I knew why it was named “Butter” for a reason. The flavor was right there from the start and continued throughout the smoke. There was very little spice  and a touch of sweetness as it burned. The draw was perfect and the smoke was so creamy. If I had a cup of coffee I would pour the smoke into it. The ash was perfect with a light grey tone.


Bill Bromley Butter Cigar

Early on the burn it developed a small crack in the wrapper which I chalk up to being a little over humidified coming back from the show along with the intensely humid Florida night. What was truly amazing is that crack did not affect the flavor, draw, or burn one iota. As a matter of fact, as you will see in this video, the ash stayed strong all the way to the nub.

The second 3rd exhibited some fruity notes that I was not able to place but they were delightful. There was  slight bitter note near the end of the second 3rd, and then I was greeted with notes of coffee while still tasting that buttery flavor.

This was good hour and half smoke and I have to say this is a very well made and blended stick. You can order a 5 pack of these beauties for $55.00 direct from Bill Bromley Cigars here.

Did I mention what a great ash…

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Bill Bromley Butter Cigar

Bill Bromley Butter Cigar

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