Bombay Tobak Introduces the MBombay Classic Torpedo


January 9,  2018

Three and half years ago, Mel Shah, created  Tobak/MBOMBABombayY®, a name that would  quickly become synonymous with high-grade, premium cigars. The journey he embarked on began with a single cigar, the MBombay® Classic. That cigar was highly received by consumers and industry alike and it did not take long before MBombay® products were in greater demand. The years past and the journey continued as new blends like the Mora, Habano, Corojo Oscuro, and the Gaaja® were introduced, with each receiving accolades in their own right.

Now Mel is adding a new vitola to the MBombay® Classic: a beautiful closed foot torpedo . In his own words, Mel explains:

“MBombay® Classic was our first blend that we introduced in May of 2014. “Figurados” are always a challenge at the factory level. Not to mention, the “Perfectos” and the “Pyramid” shapes’ production always creates a tugof-war scenario, when a demand is for a “Torpedo”, with selective and highly experienced cigar rollers.”

MBombay® Classic Torpedo

MBombay® Classic Torpedo

Not one to run from a challenge, Mel pressed on, pursuing his goal of creating an outstanding Torpedo worthy of the MBombay® Classic name. He did not rush production and took the time to  “train new “buncheros” and the “new blood” cigar rollers”.  The company is proud to note:

“After all the efforts from training new “buncheros” and the “new blood” cigar rollers, we are very pleased to announce the launch of the MBombay® Classic Torpedo. The cigars are aged for more than 14 months (which will be adhered to for future batches as well).”

The first to experience the pleasures of the MBombay® Classic Torpedo were the participants of Big Smoke Las Vegas, in November of 2017, held by the prestigious Cigar Aficionado. What they experienced was the result of patience, care, and quality craftsmanship with a blend described as:

  • Wrapper – Ecuador
  • Binder – Ecuador
  • Filler – Peru, Dominican Republic & Nicaragua

The 6 x 52 MBombay® Classic Torpedo has a suggested Retail Price of $11.95 but because of lower production (especially longer aging process), the MBombay® Classic Torpedo will be only available in the new MBombay® Sample Packs which retail for $45.00 and includes:

  • MBombay® Mora Toro
  • MBombay® Habano Robusto
  • MBombay® Corojo Oscuro Robusto
  • Gaaja® Toro
  • MBombay® Classic Torpedo
MBombay® Classic Torpedo

MBombay® Classic Torpedo


You con contact Tobak/MBOMBABombayY® at:

1281 N Gene Autry Tr. # L
Palm Springs CA 92262
(844) 626-6229

I have smoked one MBombay® Classic Torpedo so far and I have to say it truly lives up to its name. I am looking forward to penning a special review of this in the coming days. I would also like to state the sampler pack is a beautiful package and a great deal.