Box Pressed Cigars or Round?

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Box pressed cigars have been on the market for a long time. In fact the Cubans created them a long time ago to save shipping space. They would press the cigars into the box creating the more square shape. This resulted in a slightly smaller box saving on material.  It is believed that this process results in a cigar that burns longer and has a more consistent flavor.

Over time this process has resulted in special molds being created to form the cigar which results in more evenly pressed cigar. Some molds give a soft press where the edges are not completely square and   others result in crisp edges.

The first ever non-Cuban box-pressed cigars were the Padron 1964 Anniversary series which earned some of the highest ratings of non=Cuban cigars. Now more and more manufacturers are creating them. I have had many discussions with cigar smokers around the world and the answers vary. It is clear some like them and others don’t. Those that don’t claim it doesn’t make a difference other than the way it feels in the mouth.

So what do your vote?

Box Pressed Cigars or Round?

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