Breaking Cigar News: Mombacho Cigars Taps Jessi Flores as Creative Director

In a video press release, Mombacho Cigars, S.A. announced today that Jessi Flores has joined the company as their new Creative Director. In his new role, Jessi will be adding a unique design element to the Mombacho branding and the Casa Favilli Family factory in Granada, Nicaragua. Jessi has deep roots in the cigar industry and was previously the creative director of Drew Estates Subculture Studios.

The press release can be seen here:

Jessi noted:

I am very glad to tell everybody that it is like waking up a sleeping giant, like the Mombacho volcano. There are a lot of creative juices here in Nicaragua…when you think of Mombacho, think of Jessi Flores…

Jessi welcomes the opportunity to be part of Mombacho Cigars and to add his creative mind along with the company’s branding team. With this new opportunity, Jessi will be able to continue to support and care for his daughter who has battling numerous health issues since birth.

We all look forward to see what’s new and fresh with a new format that will tie in Jessi’s urban roots and Nicaraguan background.

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